Top 5 Free AI-Powered Background Generators in 2024

Are you searching for the best AI background generator, but each service you have tried up until now hasn’t provided you with the results you are looking for or simply hasn’t lived up to its promise? Well, then, worry not because we are here to be your saving grace.

Finding the right AI background generator can be challenging, but it is not an impossible task, and you must be willing to search deep for the best one. Well, we saved you from the hassle and concluded that the five best free background generators you should know about are as follows: Hop on below to read more about them.

Part 1. What is an AI Background Generator?

This term refers to an application that uses the most advanced and latest generative AI technology to edit and change the background of any image you like. This is undeniably one of the best advancements in the world of tech and has genuinely been a game changer when it comes to photo editing, courtesy of its simple design process.

The simple design process also brings ease of use, which enables any user to work on this editing tool without any professional experience or being an expert in the field. All you have to do is upload a photo on any reliable background generator and let it work its magic for you. Intrigued and want to know what the best AI background generator in the market is. We have a few listed for you.

Part 2. Top 5 Free AI Background Generators

While there is a wide variety of AI photo background generators online, choosing one out of the list can be pretty daunting because how would you know which is the best pick? Well, worry not because we have the best ones covered for you below:


When talking about the best AI background generator in the market, the first tool that comes to mind is insMind. The service is one of the best photo background generators in business, and its exceptional tools allow users to generate any background image that fits their liking and preference.

The best part about insMind is its ease of use, which makes it a perfect choice for both beginners and professionals in the editing world. To operate the service, all you have to do is upload the image on which you want to generate the background and follow a few instruction steps. Once done, the service will help you easily generate a background that complements your focus image and makes it stand out.


  • Through insMind, users can generate background on multiple images in one go. 
  • The service is free of cost and relatively easy to use. Hence, it saves you both time and money.


  • insMind is relatively new in business compared to other tools. However, it has still made a mark.
  1. Photoroom 

The next on our list of AI-powered background generators is Photoroom. The service is an editing application that upnotches current AI technology and provides users with a wide variety of exceptional and customizable background options. The service seamlessly integrates AI generation and empowers users to create backgrounds that match their visual preferences.

Photoroom is quite versatile and user-friendly. It caters to a broad range of users, from designers to content creators. The service also provides a wide range of intuitive editing tools, which makes it an excellent option for users who are searching for an accessible solution.


  • The service provides a collaborative feature to help with team-based projects.
  • Photoroom is quite adaptable to user preferences and design styles.


  • While Photoroom is not immensely complex, it can still be a steep learning curve for those who are not familiar with AI-powered design tools.
  1. Pixelcut

Let’s talk about Pixelcut now. It is an AI-powered editing application that makes editing images simple for just about anyone with its advanced tools. The application provides its users with a range of one-click editing tools that help them transform pictures within seconds. Moreover, with its advanced AI and machine learning models that help power the editing features, whenever a user uploads a photo, the services smartly analyze the image and identify the subject’s background.


  • The service is excellent for both professionals and beginners alike.
  • Pixelcut comes packed with a wide range of exceptional features that make working on it easier.


  • Pixelcut can be a bit slow on older devices and may lag.
  1. Picsart 

Picsart is an editing application that is quite popular because of its extensive tool range and creative features. Many would claim that Picsart is undoubtedly not a background generator itself—which is true—but the service has tools that help you through this process.

Hence, the service can be a fantastic choice for graphic designers, casual editors, and social media enthusiasts who want a versatile editing application.


  • Picsart comes with a simple interface, which makes it relatively easy to use.
  • Its simplicity makes it quite an excellent pick for beginner-level users.


  • The service has limited free images and templates
  1. CapCut

When talking about a free AI background generator, the first name that comes to our mind is CapCut. The service is exceptional and allows you to share all generated content directly to your social media accounts like Instagram and Facebook, which saves you so much time and effort. 

The service, when compared to many other platforms, provides a variety of features and a bunch of exceptional background templates for pictures of all kinds. This is one reason why it is labeled as one of the best AI generators in the market. If you are inclined to read it, we suggest you take a look at its pros and cons first.


  • CapCut has a straightforward interface with the best-trending effects, filters, and transitions.
  • A majority of the features are free to use on the service.


  • The service can encounter accuracy glitches in a few features, especially during background removal.

Part 3. Benefits of Using AI Photo Background Remover

Here are all the benefits that an AI photo background remover can provide you:

Makes the Background Transparent/Another Color

There are times when photographers or designers need to change the background of an image to bring out better aesthetics in it. Some photos may look better with a transparent background, while others might look better with a tad bit of color modification. AI background removers and generators help with such tasks.

Helps Get Rid of Unwanted Objects

There can be times when an image is beautiful, but a particular object or item may be stealing its aesthetics, and you wish it weren’t there. Background removal tools make it easy to remove such unwanted objects.

Swap Backgrounds for Better Visuals

Through a background remover and generator, users can remove the original background and swap it with another more suitable and appealing one. This would help elevate the image and also make it up to your preference.


If you were searching for the best free background generator, then we hope our list of the top five AI background generators was helpful for you. While all the tools we mentioned above are great, when talking about the best one on the list, our vote would go in favor of insMind for sure. So, give it a try and let us know what you think about it.