Top 5 ways to build strong bones

All human beings keep building bones until the age of 30, according to
orthopedic experts. However, after we turn 30, our bones start to break down.
Rebuilding does happen, but at a slower pace than the breakdown.

This is when we start experiencing pain in our joints. Men and women, in their late 50s or 60s, start to experience brittle bones. As a result, they are diagnosed with conditions like arthritis, osteoporosis, and the like.

One of the best ways to check how strong your bones are is to get a Dexa scan. This dual-energy x-ray scan, also known as DXA or DEXA
scan, is a bone density test. It is available across diagnostic centres in bangalore and across the world.

Men and women can opt for this test once they turn 40, as it helps
to check the quality of their bones, and prevent the risk of brittle or
weak bones.

While this test does help you check the quality of your existing bones, here are
some simple but effective tips that help you build strong bones:

1. Consuming the right nutrients for bone growth

Calcium and vitamin D are the two most important nutrients that men and
women should consume in proper quantities to ensure that their bones remain
strong and healthy.

Men and women in their 50s and above should ensure that they consume around 1000 to 1200mg of calcium daily to keep their bones
strong, and build healthy bones. They should also consume around 600 to 800 international units of Vitamin D daily for the health of their bones.

A Dexa scan in Bangalore will let you know exactly how strong your bones are.
Depending on the result of this scan, your doctor would recommend calcium
and/or Vitamin D supplements and other medicines to reduce your risk of
ailments related to bone degeneration.

2. Regular exercise is mandatory

Brittle bones tend to break easily. When more and more of your bones become
weak, they tend to break off, leading to bone loss in your body. This is one of
the main symptoms of osteoporosis. Today, with youngsters leading sedentary
and stressful lifestyles, brittle bones are noticed even in people in their 30s.

This is why leading a physically active lifestyle is very important. Regular
exercises like walking, running, jogging, swimming and biking can help to
reduce bone loss to a great extent. A few years ago, doctors recommended a bone density test in Bangalore or any other center for men and women in their 60s.

However, these days, even people in their 30s are asked to go for these tests.
This way, their bone loss issues, if any, are identified easily and remedial
actions are taken immediately. Hence, leading an active lifestyle is directly
proportional to the overall health of your bones.

3. Smoking and drinking are a strict no-no

While quitting alcohol is the best way to build strong bones, drinking
moderately (just about one drink per day) will not damage your bones too
much, according to doctors.

However, smoking, whether active or passive, should be avoided at all costs, if you don’t want your bones to break off easily. These vices will quicken the rate of your bone loss, so it is better to avoid them completely.

4. Watch what you eat

It is a good practice to include a lot of green, leafy vegetables in your daily diet.
Foods rich in vitamin C, vitamin K, and antioxidants can play a huge role in
improving your bone density. Also, include a lot of protein in your foods, as it
helps to build bones quickly.

5. Weight management is important

Ensuring your weight is in proportion to your height and health is one of the
best ways to preserve your bone health. According to studies, obesity leads to
brittle bones and bone loss. So, check your weight at regular intervals to keep
your bones healthy, dense and strong.

Once you follow all these healthy practices, you are on the right path to
building strong and healthy bones.