Top Award-Wining Websites Designed To Inspire You In 2020

Top Award-Wining Websites Designed To Inspire You In 2020

To attract more visitors and compel them to stay on your page longer, you need to have an attractive, beautiful, and interactive website page. For this, one must have a creative vision and understanding of different designs of the website.

Top Award-Wining Websites Designed To Inspire You In 2020

Did you know there is a dedicated award for the best website designs as well? Let go ahead and have a look at Award-Wining Websites, which is informative and attractive at the same time.  

Some Award-Wining Websites

1.Slavery footprint

Slavery Footprint is an organization that works to engage people, groups, and small businesses to spread awareness about slavery amongst people. The design of this website is unique. On the website’s homepage, a broken chain is designed that gives a clear message that people need freedom from modern-day slavery.

On this website, there is a pop-up design for every menu. Before visiting the website’s home page, you need to go through a survey that will let you know how many slaves are working under you. You need to give answers to their simple questions. 

2.Black negative

This storytelling website has a simple but catchy background. There is a small drag pop up option to move forward. You will find a lot of stories there on the home page. The website has a beautiful and fascinating menu for the stories. There is different background music for every story. Font used in this site is eye-catching, and the resolution of photographs is high definition, which makes it appealing to the eyes.

3.Hello Monday

This website is a digital studio where people share their online marketing or online business experiences. Hello, Monday has a creative and unique homepage that attractive to the readers. This website has used an emoticon-shaped curser, and the fonts are like a bubble that looks really fun and interesting. Pictures used in the stories have rich pixels; it has a beautiful combination of the colorful font with white background. Over the entire website looks attractive to the readers. 

4.Rainforest. arkivert

If someone wants to see the best website design, then Rainforest. arkivert is the one. THE website has a beautiful image gallery with high definition quality pictures. This site is a non-profitable website that aware people of the Rainforest. The website uses 360 panoramic images to make their website look attractive. The idea of conveying a message is different. They use video and colorful flashcards for that. On this website, you will see a beautiful transition mountain in a 3D picture. Rainforest.arkivert is an interesting way to connect people with a social cause.


Zillow is a real estate website that is on the list of award winning websites. This site has used a simple font with light color. But this website gives you the right information about the property and the rent. Visual designing of this site is very simple yet interesting, and the home page carter the right information. The home page has a simple menu and pixel-rich photograph of the property.

6.Paper Planes

The home page of this website starts with a simple thought “throw and catch paper planes with people around the world.” For moving forward, you need to tap on a paper plan. There is a letter where you can choose to stamp on the next page and then make your plan by folding the sheet and throw. You will see many other plans there, and you can catch them too. This website is like an interesting game with a simple visual design, only a simple sky-blue background, and a plane. 

If you want your website to look interesting, then you can check HostGator. It is a web hosting platform that will help you make your website look attractive. You can use HostGator Promo Code for getting amazing discounts on your website designing. 


The home page of Maturecannabis gives you a warm and friendly welcome with its orange theme. On this website, you can see the perfect use of 3D and animation with floating visuals effect. Among all the animation, the original Cannabis leaf looks beautiful and original. The theme color changes every few seconds as the reader completes their reading. You can watch different floating elements like camera, watch, ship, etc., that attract the reader. 


This website has more than 200 games like candy crush that won the best graphic website design award. There is a lot of interesting thing on this website, like multi-effect, motion graphic that makes the website look attractive. A variety of colors is used on the homepage with interesting audios and videos. If you scroll down, you will find a three-dimensional character that will make scrolling exciting and eye-catching. If you want to know more about the site, there is a ‘CALL-TO-ACTION” button.

This website has the best of the music composed by legendary composer Alan Menken, who has made some of the best Disney songs. This website beautifully shows the life journey of Alan in a poetic form. You will see a beautiful Disney video with a high definition and his biography in the background on this website. This website will you relive your childhood. There is nothing complicated on this site simple menu and a start button.

Conclusion | Top Award-Wining Websites Designed To Inspire You In 2020

You need to design your website in such a way that visitors like to visit your site again and again. Above, we have mentioned some of the websites that are the best sites in web designing and showing their creativity. If you are thinking about making your website, then you can take ideas from the above-listed websites.

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