Turkey Visa for Australian Citizens

Turkey Visa for Australian Citizens

New Turkey Visa requirements for Australian Citizens Wishing to Travel to Turkey

Turkish Authorities have prompted through their e-visa site that from 10 April 2014 visas won’t be given upon appearance. Australians going to Turkey as a traveler or for business ought to apply for a visa online at www.evisa.gov.tr. Any remaining visa types ought to be mentioned through your closest Turkish Embassy or Consulate. There is no change to the necessity for all Australian identification holders to have a legitimate visa. Any inquiries connecting with Turkish visas ought to be coordinated to your closest Turkish Embassy or Consulate.

From 1 February 2012, the Turkish specialists have carried out new guidelines permitting a greatest stay of just 90 days inside a multi-day time span for travelers. This doesn’t change the visa necessities for movement to Turkey yet it will influence how long outsiders (counting Australian residents) can stay in Turkey.

The Embassy has been informed by the Turkish Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) that outside nationals who enter Turkey on a vacationer visa are presently ready to get a residency grant for the travel industry purposes for a greatest time of a half year by applying at the General Directorate of Migration Management in Turkey.


Go to Turkey from Australia

The Turkey Visa for Australians is citizens at air, land, and ocean borders. Most Australians travel to Turkey via plane — flying is the quickest and most advantageous choice.

Trips with only one stop are accessible to Istanbul from Australian urban communities including Perth, Melbourne and Sydney.

The well-known waterfront town of Antalya in Turkey can likewise be arrived at on non-stop departures from Perth, Melbourne, Sydney, and Canberra.

Australians should introduce their visa and identification while going through migration control at the objective air terminal.


Visa Requirements for Turkey

You can begin gathering the necessary reports for a Turkish visa when you complete the structure at the Pre-Application System. The sooner you begin gathering them, the better for you. Ensure they generally meet the rules and particulars set by the Turkish specialists.


Visa or Other Travel Document

You should present a visa or another movement report that is substantial for essentially an additional a half year on the date you arrive at Turkey. Ensure it has something like one clear page for the international safe haven/department to have the option to fasten the sticker visa on it. The identification will stay at the Turkish international safe haven during the time that is application is being handled.

Close by with the identification, you ought to likewise submit duplicates of section and leave seal/stamps of recently acquired visas, if any.


Method for Support

The Turkish specialists maintain that you should show you have sufficient cash to help yourself during your excursion to Turkey. You ought to have about €50 for each day you intend to spend for Turkey. You can demonstrate that you have the required cash through:


Bank Statements throughout the previous three months

Evidence of other pay as pay slips, from leasing, confirmation of your life partner’s pay, and so forth.

Letter of help, from someone else, who assurances to cover your costs. Verification that this individual is able to do as such, is additionally required, for example their bank articulations.