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Using Email Automation In 2023: A Definitive Guide

All of us have encountered the meteoric rise of social media. Plus, new users are always constantly looking for new updates and changes. This does not end here. Such individuals have their eyes stationed on Insta feeds, Twitter timelines, and LinkedIn profiles. If that’s the case, what about emails? Have modern-day marketers discarded the dusty old mail behind gloomy, shiny social media? The brief answer is NO!  

Email marketing, primarily marketing automation, is significantly increasing in leading big e-commerce and small-scale business sales numbers. Since social media platforms and other streams are quintessential for a successful campaign, automated email marketing can never be ignored. 

What precisely is email marketing automation? 

In simple words, such an automated process covers emails you have received in the shape of timely reminders of you forgetting something in the cart at one of the online stores. This reminds us of another situation. Have you ever got a ‘happy new year’ from a brand you recently purchased clothes from? This is precisely what email marketing automation looks like. This method streamlines content for businesses to offer tailor-made and automated context based on a subscriber’s activity on the website. 

Let’s make it a bit more straightforward. Let’s look at what isn’t automation. For starters, it is not a single-spin campaign, sales notification, or even newsletter. As all these emails are essential for a successful campaign, they’re not automated strategies. Instead, such a type of marketing focuses on recurrently engaging people and building robust relationships over a certain period.  

 Is it easy to optimize online marketing automation?  

We’ll answer it briefly – precisely! However, before we delve into the topic any further, let’s ensure we have a profound understanding of what optimizing implies here. When referring to the word, it means to make the most of everything that’s already a part of the process or system. One can perform it in various ways, comprising: 

  • Developing a robust strategy – Marketing automation is valuable. But, there’s one thing that you must consider – it’s an addition to an ongoing marketing strategy. It is not an alternative way. One of the surveys states that more than 60% of marketing professionals decided to produce a successful strategy to optimize marketing automation. 
  • Don’t forget customer needs – Instead of falling prey to the shiny object syndrome and logging into all digital marketing automation tools on the internet, consider returning to your customers’ interests. Think about how the email will serve its purpose. And still, if you do not have any answer to the question, then automation is not the solution for you.  
  • Use specific integrations – There are possibilities that you might try your hands on several online automation tools. Well, they can be tedious to pick up initially and could deliver an overwhelming response. However, things are relatively easy. Let’s take an example. With Zapier, you can easily create Wrike objectives from HubSpot forms.  
  • Measure outcomes – Observing results is an ideal way to observe if you are compelling enough. In case you come across an email open rate to be on the lower side of the automated messages compared to those you’re drafting, it’s an apparent red flag. And you must reevaluate and tweak your efforts.  

What is email automation?  

Email automation service is a simple marketing tool for those who are unaware, sending automated emails to users engaged on your products, website, or emails. Moreover, this automation operates on triggers. Triggers are event-based and time-based if you’re wondering how they work.

1. Time-based triggers

Time-driven triggers work differently. Suppose a few of your loyal users in the email list have upcoming birthdays. In that case, to reward their continuous faith in the brand, you’d want to offer them a discount of 25-30% on all products and services. So, how would you approach this idea? Get going and prepare personalized emails. This might eat up a lot of your time and effort.   

An ideal approach would be to automate such an email. With the tool, one only has to produce one iteration and set the trigger based on every user’s birth date. 

2. Event-based triggers 

An event-driven trigger is pretty straightforward. Suppose you are providing your subscribers with a holiday discount. Here, some customers place products into their respective carts. However, for some reason, they need to checkout and complete the order. In this case, you develop a unique automated workflow and set an event to cart abandonment.  

Benefits of using email automation  

Since email automation is one of the excellent tools to scale a business campaign, a marketer can also save a considerable amount of effort and budget by sending correct automated messages. But did you know about its underrated benefits yet? 

  • Boosts user retention rate 

Automated emails are delivered to engage clients and subscribers at any given time and date. Moreover, they assist in increasing engagement, further enhancing a user’s retention rate. For instance, you send post-sales emails to customers, offering them helpful insights about their purchases. Consequently, they’ll like to stick around because of a valuable experience.  

  • Increases efficiency 

Based on a study, triggered emails lead to an eight-time more open rate compared to standard bulk emailing. Moreover, if you did not know, triggered emails’ spam and unsubscribe rates are also 0.59% and 0.06%. Ultimately, you can enhance effort efficiency by a distance through effective automated tools.  

  • Scalable communication 

Scaling communication while drafting a strategy is imperative. Marketers can easily elevate their efforts and touch base with the right audience through segmentation patterns and behaviors. Ultimately, through these tools, you have the potential to nurture leads without the assistance of a sales group and convert them successfully.  

The verdict  

Wondering how email automation works in 2023? This guide will help you understand the nitty-gritty of abandoned cart automation and many other unmissable aspects. In the end, you’d be a well-informed marketer who can make practical and personalized decisions based on user activity and behavior.