Video hostings from YouTube to Vidone

A player is used to download and watch videos in your browser. The video files themselves are posted on special sites – video hosting sites. To post on your site, you have to upload the video to the repository and share a link to it. There are paid video hosting sites that earn a rate and free ones that earn from the ads placed in these videos. You can get rewarded for the views of the videos you post. There are a huge number of different platforms. They differ in functionality, convenience, and price. One of these platforms is Vidone video hosting. Let’s try to discern the advantages, not forgetting the disadvantages.



This famous video hosting is used by billions of people on the planet. So how does it make money to grow and retain an audience? You’ve probably noticed the ads before you watch them. The site uses the posted videos to promote brands and earns on views that way. Authors are paid a reward of $5 or more per thousand views. There are various strict conditions to include monetization. When linking to your site, you may encounter a reduced download speed, which depends on your geolocation. Basic features are provided for free.



This platform is designed for posting creative content. There are different rates, including free. The free version offers 500 Mb of storage space per week and limited functionality including bandwidth limitation. Premium plans offer increased storage and a variety of tools, including analytics and streaming. Ads are produced as separate videos.



A very simple free video hosting service. The platform has strict censorship of unique content and copyrights, as well as its own video moderation rules. Attendance is low, but the service pays generous rewards for views. You can get up to $30 for 10,000 views, the price depends on the region of viewers. Specializes in commercial videos, the amount of advertising can be customized. Develops and gradually adds new features for content creators. You will have to wait up to 7 business days for verification of your account before withdrawing funds. Each payment is checked manually and the site reserves the right to block in case of attempted fraud or suspected malicious activity.



A French site that has been operating since 2005. It is available in 44 countries worldwide. Low censorship and copyright control, may look attractive to a certain audience. But for these violations, some countries have imposed restrictions on access to the video-sharing service. Video uploads larger than 4 Gb and longer than an hour are restricted. Users often complain about the huge number of ads, although it is thanks to them that you can be rewarded for views. The amount of payment is slightly lower than competitors, but you can place non-unique content.



Video sharing hosting Vidone gives users to upload video, space for video storage, playback bar, affiliate program (payment for views). The service is monetized through advertising embedded in the player, which they show on user traffic. You can earn a maximum of $35 per 10,000 views. The minimum payment amount depends on the withdrawal method ($5-100). Premium account allows you to post videos without inline ads or integrate your own. 1.5 Tb of storage space for video files is provided for free use. Video can be stored up to 30-120 days without previews (depending on account type). For more information, visit