Warning Signs You Need To Consider Buying Replacement Parts For Your Airbrush Kit

Airbrushing is versatile, as it can be applied in several areas of life, including crafts, art, make up, and paper painting. Industry experts often advise buyers to factor in many things, including the type of air compressor, feed type, and control type, when buying a suitable airbrush kit. Even if you end up choosing the best airbrushing tool, one thing you should keep in mind is that you’ll one day need to replace certain parts of the airbrush.

So, here’s a quick question; when is the right time to consider buying replacement parts at Spraygunner for your airbrush? As you read on, you’ll find some common warning signs to know it’s time to buy airbrush spare parts.

  1. Issues with your airbrush needles

As you already know, the airbrush needles are designed to help determine the amount of airbrush paint that your airbrush can spray. The type of painting application you’re looking to do will determine the exact type of needle sizes you’ll need.

Regardless of the type of airbrush needles you use, you need to understand that they are very delicate and can wear out or become damaged over time. You certainly need to replace the needles once they become damaged, worn out, bent, or chipped. This move is very important to ensure that your airbrush works and delivers optimum performance. You can visit Spraygunner today to find some of the best needles that suit your airbrush kit.

  1. Clogged airbrush nozzles 

You’ll surely agree that airbrush nozzles play an important role in the use of airbrush kits. The nozzles are designed to help determine the right spray pattern and the flow of your airbrush paint. Like other airbrush components, the airbrush nozzles also have their issues.

One problem you’re most likely to encounter is clogging of the nozzles. Besides, the nozzles can also become faulty or worn down overtime. If you’re currently experiencing any of these problems, we advise that you consider buying replacement parts. At Spraygunner, you’ll find high-quality and affordable nozzles that’ll help you achieve consistency and precise pattern when spraying your airbrush paint.

  1. Seal problems

The needle bearing seals of air rushes are designed to help prevent paint from getting to the trigger control area and the nozzles. Paint leakage, which often occurs due to wear and tear, can lead to airbrush paint splatters and improper airflow.

So, if you’re currently experiencing a paint leakage problem, one thing you can do is to check the seal and ensure it’s properly positioned around the needle. If worn out, consider visiting Spraygunner to find the perfect seals for your airbrush kit.

  1. Faulty air caps

The air caps are designed to help shape and control airflow and your airbrush paint spraying pattern. These components are crucial but tend to become faulty quickly. Yes, the airbrush air caps can become clogged or worn out. – I’ve never seen a clogged cap in my life (15 years in airbrushing). The only problem with them usually is when people misplacing seals on the air caps and or/threads become worn out and need bee wax o get sealed again.  In the case of clogging, the perfect troubleshooting step is to consider cleaning the caps. But if cleaning doesn’t work, you may need to buy replacement parts at Spraygunner or your preferred airbrush store.

  1. Problems with the trigger components

The trigger components of your airbrush are designed to help control airflow and the flow of airbrush paint. Due to wear, the trigger components may misbehave and fail to function correctly. If your airbrush trigger is currently experiencing a responsiveness issue or improper spraying pattern, the best you can do is to consider buying the right replacement parts at Spraygunner. When choosing the right trigger, you need to take time to understand the better option between single-action and dual-action control.