Robot Vacuum Cleaner

Ways To Maximise Your Robot Vacuum Cleaner Efficiency

A robot vacuum cleaner is a great investment, so keeping it in good working condition is essential. A well-maintained one can help you save time and energy by doing the job for you. If your device is falling short of expectations or has stopped working, here are some ways to help maximise its efficiency. 

Keep It Clean

Devices such as a Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner need regular cleaning.

  • Clean the filter. The filter is the part that traps dust, debris, pet hair, and other things that get sucked up by it.
  • Clean the brushes. The brushes help brush away dirt from hard-to-reach places, such as along walls or corners, so it can be sucked into the bin for later disposal.
  • Keep wheels clean: Keeping your wheels clean means less friction when moving around the furniture, which will result in less noise produced by them!
  • Keep bin clean: Keeping your bin empty will allow more space for new dirt, so make sure there aren’t any leftover food particles on top.

Use Maintenance Tips

If your device is not performing as well as it used to, look at the manufacturer’s maintenance tips. These tips are usually posted online and will give you specific instructions on keeping your device working at its best. The information manufacturers can be beneficial because it’s usually very detailed and easy to follow.

Replace The Brush Roll

One of the most important things you can do to ensure your system is working at its best is to replace the brush roll when it needs to be replaced. The brush roll cleans your floor, and if it’s worn out, it won’t be able to properly clean your floors as well as they should be cleaned. Therefore, replacing this part every six months is highly recommended so your device will continue working effectively for years and years on end!

Adequate Suction Power

It is important to note that suction power is measured in watts. The larger the dust bin, the more suction power it needs. This means that if you have a small home with an only one-floor surface (such as wood or tile), you may need a beginner-level model with a small dustbin because there will be fewer areas for collecting dirt and debris on your floors.

On the other hand, if you live in an apartment building where many people live on separate floors with different types of flooring materials–such as carpeting vs hardwood–you’ll want to invest in something stronger such as a Xiaomi robot vacuum cleaner so that different types of surfaces can be cleaned effectively!

Check The Bin Size

The bigger the bin, the less often you have to empty it, saving you time and effort.

On average, most models have a capacity of around 1 gallon (3 Liters). 

How often should you empty your system? It depends on how much dust/dirt builds up over time, but generally speaking, cleaning once every 2-3 weeks is recommended.

  •  Keep it clean. You should always use the manufacturer-recommended cleaning solution and brush roll. If your device has a filter, make sure you change it regularly according to the manufacturer’s instructions.
  • Check the suction power of your machine regularly by running it on an area that has been cleaned recently (such as under furniture). If there is any dust or dirt left behind after vacuuming this area, then you may need to replace some parts inside or buy another machine with more suction power than yours currently has.

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