What is Full Body Contouring?

This surgery aims to reshape all areas where exercise and diet cannot achieve the desired results. Full body contouring is a suitable surgery for people who have regional fat problems in different parts of their body. Women after pregnancy and breastfeeding, or people who have unwanted deformities in their bodies as a result of frequent and excessive weight gain and loss and advancing age, are suitable candidates for full-body contouring surgery.

What Are the Application Areas of Full Body Contouring Surgery?

This surgery is performed to tighten the sagging areas and to create a new contour in the body by removing regional fat. The belly and waist area are shaped by procedures such as liposuction and tummy tuck. Breasts are reduced as needed or enlarged and lifted with a prosthesis. If necessary, the fat on the back is removed. 

Procedures such as thigh lift and fat injection to the buttocks can also be included in the whole body contouring surgery. It is aimed to perform all these procedures in a single session. If your doctor deems it necessary, a second operation may be performed.

How to Decide on Full-Body Contouring Surgery?

The problems and needs of each patient who will undergo full-body contouring surgery are different. Therefore, examination of the patient is of great importance for planning the surgery. In this case, try to meet up with a body lift Sydney expert who can run the examination and give you a preview of what is needed for a successful surgery.

How Long Does the Surgery Take?

The duration of the surgery is determined by the procedures to be performed, but we can say that it is a long surgery. It can usually take between 3-7 hours. It is performed in the operating room environment and under general anesthesia. Hence, you don’t have to worry about the whole process as our experts will perform it seamlessly, you won’t even know much is going on till you’re done.

What Should Be Taken Into Consideration Before Surgery?

This surgery may be risky in overweight patients. During the preoperative period, patients should lose as much weight as possible and be able to maintain this weight. Aspirin, anti-inflammatory drugs, green tea, vitamins E and C, and nutritional supplements that increase bleeding should be stopped for a while before the surgery. Smoking should be stopped 2-3 weeks before surgery. 

What Is the Post-operative Process?

Since the procedures performed in full body contouring surgery vary from person to person, the recovery process will also differ from each other. However, usually after surgery, patients are discharged after staying in the hospital for 1-2 nights. Afterward, home rest is required. However, light walking and movement should begin immediately after the surgery. 

After 7 to 10 days of home rest, one can gradually return to daily life. Heavy sports should not be done for two months after the surgery. Light-paced walks can be started from the 15th day. Although patients may experience mild pain for the first few days after the surgery, it would not be correct to call the subsequent period painful. Due to tummy tuck surgery and other stitches, patients may be uncomfortable with a feeling of tightness and have difficulty standing upright. 

Who Is Not Suitable for Full Body Contouring Surgery?

This surgery may not be suitable for you for the following reasons: 

  • If you are obese or overweight
  • If you gain and lose weight frequently
  • If you have heart, blood pressure, or diabetes 
  • If you have a disease that negatively affects wound healing
  • If you smoke excessively

These factors are relative, so you still need to visit a body lift Sydney expert to ascertain your chances of performing the surgery even if you fall in any of the categories mentioned above.

Whole Body Contouring Surgery Price

Full body shaping surgery price is among the most curious questions of patients planning this operation. Many factors such as the city you are in, the hospital, and regions where the procedure will be performed, affect the prices. You can get the necessary information about all body contouring surgery fees from your plastic surgeon. You can contact a body lift Sydney expert to book a session with the best plastic surgeon for all types of body contouring in Australia today.