What is the Role of Print Advertising in Modern Businesses?

The digital era has resulted in brands of every size leaning toward online marketing techniques to attract their target audience. Yet, print media continues to provide businesses of every size with many benefits that could increase their brand awareness, customer base, and annual revenue.

Print media is alive and well; your company would be foolish to overlook it when developing a compelling marketing campaign. Keep reading to learn more about the role of print advertising in modern business.

A Unified Marketing Campaign

Many marketers make the mistake of thinking they need to choose between print media and digital marketing, but this isn’t the case. The two can work hand-in-hand, as a print campaign can support an online marketing strategy and vice versa. 

Rather than viewing the mediums as separate, brands can use the power of print to reach local audiences, target many demographics, and increase brand awareness and engagement. For example, door drops and inserts can quickly promote your business in a person’s home and should encourage a recipient to visit the company’s website or social media pages.

Digital marketing and the right mix of full spectrum print media could boost your brand’s reach and revenue, helping you quickly grow and gain an advantage over its rivals.

Memorable Marketing

More than 100 studies have been published since the 1980s that prove people are more likely to remember text on paper over a screen. The research found that people are less likely to remember text on a screen, which can impair comprehension and learning. Also, scrolling virtual pages takes effort and is more cognitively taxing compared to paper.

However, handling physical material can provide a more sensory experience, which digital media cannot provide a target audience. The simple yet effective nature of print media makes it easy to remember information more than reading screen pixels.

Increased Engagement and Less Competition

Most experienced marketers are well aware that the internet is saturated with competition. As a result, it is harder to boost brand recognition, attract a target market, and drive web traffic and sales.

With many industry rivals, algorithms, and tactics to contend with online, brands need to look for quick, easy, and effective ways to engage their target market. Print media is an ideal solution, as there is less competition in the market, which will increase the likelihood of a homeowner or tenant engaging with direct mail, a door drop, an insert, or partially addressed mail.

Instant Credibility

Modern consumers are skeptical of brands they don’t know, which might encourage them to turn to larger, more established companies. Building trust online takes time, patience, and consistent effort.

However, the physical nature of print media will provide a local business with instant credibility, as they have taken the time to design, print, and post high-quality materials. As people can hold the ad in their hand, which should feature an address, URL, and phone number, they are more likely to place their trust in a brand and buy their goods or services.