Buy a New Phone Or Not

When to Buy a New Phone Or Not

Buying a smartphone is done on a daily basis as there are millions of people throughout the globe and almost everyone uses a smartphone today.

Buy a New Phone Or Not

Whether to buy a new smartphone or not can be an individual choice but there are some points that you should keep in mind before you really decide to buy a new phone.

Is your current smartphone beyond repair?

You need to analyse the condition of your current smartphone as in if it is damaged and that is one of the reasons that you are looking forward to buying a new phone. You must learn in detail that what all damages are your phone suffering from and how can it be repaired or solved.

If you cannot figure it out on your own you can always take it over to a professional technician who will help you out repair it or at least know about what can be done. If at all the condition of a smartphone is beyond repair or is costing you much more than the cost of the mobile phone then you definitely need to buy a new phone.

Are you getting software updates on your operating system?

Sometimes it is possible that you are no longer getting the software updates on your mobile phone. No matter to which brand your mobile phone belongs to you will always have a system that will keep on updating from time to time whether it is iOS or Android.

Software updates are very important as the system is updated by the company from time to time and which will help your phone to function more efficiently and securely.

Is your phone lagging too much?

There might be a couple of reasons why your phone is lagging way too much and the applications it contains will also function very slowly then.

The applications are totally dependent on the operating system and that is why you can find some applications in the play store and not in the App Store and some of them in the App Store and not in the play store.

Therefore, it is mandatory to keep on updating your software and also your application has to be updated as you receive updates in your App Store or play store from time to time.

Do you need more storage?

Gone are the days when there were mobile phones which needed to be filled with memory cards just to increase the space of your mobile phone a little more. Today we have mobile phones which have large internal storage and therefore you do not have the need to insert a microSD card.

But this also has some disadvantages as if the internal storage of your mobile phone is getting filled up then you definitely need to switch to a new mobile phone.

Do you have the Option of iCloud if you are an iOS user and Google photos if you are an android user? Also, there are some android mobile phones which still offer larger internal storage plus a microSD card slot.

Is your display broken?

Many times we slip off our mobile phone from our hands and what is directly affected is your display because the phone is off and covered with the phone case and the display has a high chance of getting broken if there is a lot of pressure on your mobile phone.

The cost of repair for a display of any mobile phone and will definitely cost you a lot more as the display is one of the most expensive parts of a mobile phone. If the display is not working then it is so obvious that you won’t be able to operate a mobile phone to too much extent as we have all touchscreen mobile phones today.


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