Immunity Boosting Tips for Seniors

5 Immunity Boosting Tips for Seniors

When we’re young, we give little thought to sickness and the need for rest. As we age, however, we all become more aware of the importance of health. The human immune system is a complex biological network that detects and eliminates various threats. We start our lives with innate immunity, building adaptive immunity with time.

Although immunity is one of the miracles of life, every person’s immune system declines with age. Older people are more susceptible to illness, but there are ways to increase immune function as we age. Here, we’ll offer a few immune-boosting tips for seniors.

Taking Vitamins

The right vitamins make life in an assisted living facility easier and healthier. If you lack any of the following vitamins, adding them to your diet will support immunity.

  • Vitamin C. It improves immune response by maintaining the skin barrier, protecting against oxidation, and nourishing white blood cells.
  • B vitamins. There are eight different B vitamins, all of which control various regulatory and metabolic processes. B-complex vitamins play a crucial role in immune function.
  • Vitamin D. According to the National Library of Medicine, Vitamin D boosts immune health by regulating system response. Low Vitamin D levels leave seniors more vulnerable to infection.
  • Zinc. This element assists in white blood cell synthesis and protects the body from cellular damage.
Immunity Boosting Tips for Seniors

While vitamins are proven to help with immune function, seniors should seek medical guidance before taking any supplements.

Getting Enough Exercise

Regular movement boosts immune function by enhancing vaccine and T-cell response. Exercise doesn’t have to be strenuous to be effective; gentle yoga, cycling, and walking will do the trick. If you haven’t been active for some time, consult a doctor before starting an exercise plan.

Staying Hydrated

Water is crucial to overall health and immune function. It assists in the production of lymph, which transports nutrients and white blood cells throughout the body. Water also aids in detoxification, blood oxygenation, and digestion. With plentiful hydration, it’s much easier to stay well.

Getting Enough Rest

Adequate sleep contributes to a healthier lifestyle, and the average adult needs seven to eight hours of rest per night. While a few sleepless nights won’t have an immediate effect, cumulative unrest will lead to health issues and decreased immunity. A Mayo Clinic report says that, during sleep, the body releases infection-fighting proteins. If you’re aging and have concerns about sleep quality, discuss them with a doctor.

Scheduling Regular Check-Ups

Regular doctor visits ensure that seniors make healthy choices and maintain immunity. Frequent screenings detect the earliest signs of illness, and doctors will use your medical history to offer personalized immune-boosting recommendations.

Healthy Immune System

Immune function is crucial as we age. Not only does it stop minor illnesses, but it also gives the body the ability to fight more serious infections. At Santianna, we believe that a robust immune system is the key to a long, healthy life. Contact us for additional information or tour our community to see why our residents love living here.