Adult Diapers

5 Simple Steps to Change Adult Diapers

Adult diapers are undeniably the best products to support an adult’s lifestyle who are bedridden or have incontinence issues. These products are a savior as they can help to improve one’s lifestyle. Nevertheless, changing adult diapers can be trickier, especially if the person is bedridden and might be confined to their bed due to illness, age, or weakness. So, they mostly rely on adult diapers to tackle their fecal or urinary incontinence problems. 

Therefore, it becomes necessary for their caregivers to change their diapers on time. This ensures the best care without affecting their daily hygiene. Moreover, not changing the diapers can give rise to a lot of issues like skin infections and ulcers. This is most common among immobile people, and when left untreated, it can even lead to more serious medical issues. Using adult pull-ups or disposable diapers is preferable for these people as it’s easy to change. 

Changing an adult diaper is similar to changing a baby’s diaper but is a little more complicated. So, this post entails the right steps to change an adult diaper neatly to help the person maintain proper hygiene. 

Step 1- Sanitize Your Hands and Have Your Supplies Ready

The first step to an adult diaper change involves washing your hands and sanitizing them properly to avoid infections. Next, keep a new diaper, disposable sheets, wet wipes, and diaper cream ready. Also, keep a towel to clean the area thoroughly using warm water after removing the old diaper. The protective diaper cream will help to prevent diaper rashes that could occur from the diaper’s wetness. You can even wear medical gloves to avoid contamination from bodily fluids, which would safeguard you from any infections. 

Step 2- Remove the Old Diaper 

Once the supplies are ready, remove the old or soiled diaper from your body. Lay the person flat on the bed surface. You might want to put the disposable sheet under them to prevent soiling the bed sheet. Undo the tapes from the sides of the diaper or if it’s a pant-style diaper, tear the sides carefully and remove them. Roll the person to one side to remove it from their bottom first. Dispose of the soiled diaper into the bin or a disposable bag and seal the open ends.

Step 3- Clean the Person’s Genital Area

After removing the old diaper, wipe the person’s body using a wet towel to clean the area and remove the remains of fecal or urine. Make sure to do this process gently, as their skin may be more sensitive or fragile. Finally, disinfectant wipes can sterilize the area before applying the diaper rash cream. Try not to skip the diaper cream when changing a diaper, as it would help to prevent rashes or skin infections caused due to prolonged wetness. Air dry the area before applying a thick layer of the cream to keep their skin safe and moisturized. People who wear diapers for a long time are more prone to rashes. So, choose a medicated cream as a protective barrier between the skin and the diaper. 

Step 4- Put on a New Diaper

Once you have completed the above step, it’s time to wear a new diaper. Adult diapers come in various forms, such as pull-ups, tape-style, briefs, etc. You must always choose the one that best suits the person’s convenience. Moreover, choosing a diaper that is easy to wear and remove is better. Also, when choosing an adult diaper, it is preferred that you select a high-absorbent diaper that soaks up the fluids effectively. Most adult diapers come with an anti-leak system that prevents leaks. Also, the material should be comfortable, breathable, and skin-friendly to prevent infections on sensitive skin. When considering all these factors, choosing the best quality diaper from a reputed brand becomes easy. 

When you have chosen the right diaper, it’s time to put them on. Roll the person on one side and place the diaper’s back on the bottom. Slowly roll them onto their back and cover their front similarly. Pull out the stickers or side tabs from both sides and attach them properly. If you use a pant-style diaper, you can pull it up through their legs, ensuring that it adequately covers their bottom and front. 

Step 5- Check the Diaper’s Fit

After putting on the diaper, check its fit on the body. The diaper should not be too tight as it could cause discomfort to the person. On the other hand, the diaper should not be too loose as it could cause urine or fecal matter to leak from the sides. So, that comes down to ensuring that the diaper you’re using fits the person snugly and comfortably. 

Step 6- Disposal

Once you put on a new diaper, make sure to dispose of the gloves you were wearing, disposable sheets, used wipes, and of course, the soiled diaper into a disposable bag. Clean your hands thoroughly with soap and water, and you are done. 

Wrapping Up

So, this is how you can change adult diapers in six simple steps. Whether you’re doing it yourself or it’s a caregiver, these steps can help you complete this daunting task efficiently. No matter how overwhelming it may sound, changing an adult diaper does not have to be a scary process. Staying respectful and calm in this situation can help you easily complete this task. After all, your loved ones need special care and attention, and the least you can do to help them is by being polite and gentle during this process.