5 Ways to Enhance the Productivity of Your Remote Team

5 Ways to Enhance the Productivity of Your Remote Team

It takes months of hard work and training to create a team that will perform to achieve a common goal. Not all the talent can be arranged by the companies and hence they look to outsource services. People who work from a distant location are the remote team for you. 5 Ways to Enhance the Productivity of Your Remote Team.

5 Ways to Enhance the Productivity of Your Remote Team

Training them for higher productivity is all the more important for the simple reason that they are not under your nose. If you look forward to enhancing the productivity of the employees who form a remote team, an online resource scheduling tool is the best option.

What is an online resource scheduling tool?

Resource scheduling is the method through which you can assign or allocate the resources to a project. The scheduling will depend on the availability of the resources and is the key aspect of any task. Largely, the software tools that enable you to manage the resource allocation operate online using the internet for it is based on real-time data. This is why it is called an online resource scheduling tool.

But what does online resource scheduling involve?

Online resource allocation or scheduling task includes activities like:

  • Making a detailed list of managers, resources, and projects (running and due).
  • Identify what are the limitations of the resources.
  • Estimate the total duration for which the remote resources will be deployed.
  • Setting deadline limits indicating when the project should be submitted by the distant employees.
  • Knowing about the capacity of the resources.
  • Forecasting the future availability of resources.

When you have all this information with you, it gets easier to allocate, schedule, and consolidate all the resources.

Is it possible to increase the productivity of all the remote team employees who can be at different locations? Yes, it is possible.


You can use an online resource scheduling tool to arrange for training, performance evaluation, working on weaknesses, and other things. Let us look at the five ways through which you can enhance the productivity of your team:

Communicate clearly about your expectations. Centralized Communication.

Using the software tools and sending emails, you can make clear communication about what you expect from the remote employees. You should avoid misunderstanding with these workers. Tell them that as per the demand of the project, the expectations might change. Be sure that one communication is passed on to everyone. Tell each one of them that the project must comply with the quality standards and apt situational behavior.

Use the online tools to follow-up with the employees as to how they are performing. If a remote employee is performing excellent, she/he will be a valuable asset for you.

One policy for all will be the success meter

Make sure you do not create confusion by applying different rules for different employees. Your team can get frustrated during their project journey if that happens. Give clear directions and confirm whether every team member is clear with the idea or not?

Always keep the rules and regulations in black and white. Send a copy of these across the emails, so that you can follow the employees based on these policies. Ask for a confirmation from all the team members to know that all the employees have read the agreement.

The comfortable work schedule for remote team members

For remote team members, you can introduce a relaxed work schedule so that they can work according to their convenience. They will have to bear in mind the deadline of the project.

You can tell the remote team employees to work when they feel they are most productive, which can be during the day or night. If you demand their availability tell them they can be called during a period. Clarifying the demands and expectations helps in getting higher outputs from all the employees.

Use the calendars. Make the best use of time tracking tools. Give Feedback

Monitoring work is always a challenge be it for in-house employees or the remote team employees. But you understand that without using calendars, the project will not be monitored easily. You can use project management or resource scheduling tools to track that should have been free and when.

The tools can help you fix if there is an issue in the system. You can keep an eagle eye on the performance as well as the availability of the remote employees. Giving feedback is important because that way the remote employees feel that they are responsible. They would also know that you are connected with them.

Recognize and acknowledge the efforts

When you assign projects to different remote employees using the online resource scheduling tool, you know who is performing. Right? It is important to track the work progress because that will help your company earn. In the beginning, every employee is enthusiastic and they show their passion through work. But passion may fade and spirits may die if there is no one to appreciate them.

The project manager in the company must keep a watch and acknowledge the efforts of all the employees. If you are successful in doing so, trust your remote employees will reciprocate the same. In the end, you get enhanced productivity.

What are the challenges of remote teamwork?

Remote teams can support projects from a distance but these can be challenging. For example, an employee of a remote team can complain about a lack of information. It could pose a challenge for the company and the project deadline may suffer. Let us look at other challenges of remote teamwork:

  • Distractions: Other than communication, the remote team employee can get distracted with other chores. He/She might think about their growth and not of the organization, they contribute to. It is completely the employee’s duty to keep them focused.
  • Isolation: Remote team employees may lack passion because they feel isolated. They may not see any sense in performing because there is not anyone who can ask for their performance directly.

Online resource scheduling has several benefits to offer. The best part is that the data you use for the allocation of resources is based on real-time standards. The whole system operates for 24X7. The procedure helps to take away the unnecessary burden from the administrative department. The tools are not just beneficial for you but are equally good to experience for the remote team members also.

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