Video as A Marketing and Customer Loyalty Tool

Video as A Marketing and Customer Loyalty Tool

The Internet is taking the place of other media such as radio, billboards, and television for advertising.

Video as A Marketing and Customer Loyalty Tool

The reason is simple: The Internet gives the user the possibility to search for information on the product they need and that is rarely provided by the same companies that sell them.

In just one click, the potential consumer has access to:

  • Comments
  • Testimonials
  • Reviews

All this with the possibility of discovering through social networks if a contact has tried a product and if they are able to recommend it.

Today, no medium is more effective than the Internet in convincing someone that they need an item or service. Radio advertising lacks the visual element that allows us to get hooked on information; billboards are overwhelming with their aggressive colors, size, and messages; and television, one-way, does not allow interaction.

Today’s consumers are skeptical of advertisements and rely more on the recommendations of their friends.

The marketing strategy: create videos that meet the real objective of the company

Videos already represent the highest percentage of content reproduced on smart devices and virtualized through social networks.

They awaken trust and interest, increase the time that Internet users stay on your page, and show the most human face of the company.

But making a video is not a guarantee of good search engine rankings. A Corporate Animated Video is a marketing tool and, to be successful, it must be the subject of a structured and delimited plan according to the objectives to be achieved.

The design of a video marketing strategy demands that you consider the next steps and that you make decisions in each of them.

1. Define your purposes

Think about what you could earn from your videos:

  • Increase web traffic?
  • Convert to viewers?
  • Give the brand a new shine?

Either way, defining your purposes is crucial to designing a successful video marketing strategy.

Going viral should never be the goal of your video marketing campaign: your goal should be to provide relevant content to online users. Originality and usefulness are values ‚Äč‚Äčthat Internet users are not willing to negotiate.

2. Define your niche and know your target

You will have gone a long way when you know the needs of your ideal audience or client, the one to whom the message of the video is directed.

But do not stay in the needs of your ideal client, go further and try to know as much as you can about him: challenges, concerns, tastes, and aspirations. The more you know about it, the easier it will be to establish a connection.

3. Give your video the right length

A video that is too long will cause potential customers to abandon it before finishing it. If it is too short, they will want to see more.

And as a tip, in the first seconds, the video should give the user an answer about why they should watch it.

4. Use humor and appeal to emotions

The most effective way to hook a user and make him show interest in what you offer is by making him see the human aspect of your brand.

To achieve this, you need to show stories of other people who have already tried the product and make them identify with them, or with that of the members of the company. This strategy is called storytelling and consists of talking less to the audience of the article or service, and more about the emotions they might experience.

5. Make a call to action

Do not forget to add a phrase, word, or tagline at the end of the video calling the client to take any action that you have defined in order to achieve your marketing objective: subscribe, share or leave a comment, among others.

Video broadcast is key to its lifespan

Videos that are uploaded to online platforms prevail over other forms of advertising, as they are always available to potential customers.

In fact, they can continue to circulate on the Internet many months after the audiovisual production company has finished its work. This is due to the fact that good video marketing strategies ensure that the same customers make the product known.

Conclusion | Video as A Marketing and Customer Loyalty Tool

If you are looking for this effect, choose themes in which your ideal client is reflected and always bear in mind that the content you produce must respond to a concern. In the end, it will end up sharing your message on the networks.

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