6 Praiseworthy Ways How Technology Has Facelifted the Realm of Academics

6 Praiseworthy Ways How Technology Has Facelifted the Realm of Academics

Education and Technology, in today’s world, go hand in hand. There’s no point denying the fact that education is incomplete without technology, and vice-versa. From online dissertation editors to cover letter writer available online, every single aspect related to academics and writing is now a part of technological advancement in its truest sense. For example, you cannot expect to proceed with 10,000 words long English dissertation without seeking verified references from digitally available research platforms and libraries. 

6 Praiseworthy Ways How Technology Has Facelifted the Realm of Academics

On the other hand, every 8 out of 10 academic institutes are said to harness the potential of digital resources such as video-based learning, virtual communication, digital monitoring and the likes. So, now that you are eager to know more about the different ways how technology has changed the face of education in the past few years, invest some time in reading this insightful blog. 

Here’s everything you need to know. 

  • Video-calling features have changed the scene quite well

Gone are the days when students would solely rely on the potential of manual modes of communication with their class teachers or university professors. These days, especially, pertaining to the present-day situation of the pandemic, most academic institutions are operating via digital modes. So, how would a student establish steady communication with his/her mentor? The answer is video-based calling features. 

Here’s how it has facelifted education in the right way. 

  • Video-call apps such as Zoom, Skype and Google Duo are being utilised to the fullest in an endeavour to bridge the gap between student-teacher communications. 
  • One can simply get connected to educators via online platforms and carry out real-time conversations despite all hurdles. 
  • All you need is a stable internet connection and a peaceful environment to carry out video-calls and digitally transmitted conversations. 
  • Most of the video-call apps these days come with additional features such as messaging assistance and the likes. 
  • This, as a result, allows users to carry out conversations consistently via text messages, even if the video gets disconnected or paused due to technical glitches.
  • Online assignment assistance is the next big thing

Rightly said, the entire idea behind online assignment assistance is undeniably some of the most talked-about topics in today’s world of rapid digital advancements. The emergence of technology across the various realms of education and learning has streamlined too many complications in a way it is supposed to be. 

Here’s what you must know regarding the fundamentals of online assignment assistance.

  • Online assignment-help platforms replace the burden and odds of manually extracting educational data or seeking tutorial assistance in all forms and shapes. 
  • These days, students are no longer required to knock on their professors’ doors to seek academic assistance every time.  
  • Rather they can simply connect with online tutors via a few clicks and get introduced to a plethora of digitally available assignment samples, blogs, journals and the likes. 
  • There are certain verified and registered assignment assistance platforms online that offer instant writing help as well. 
  • For instance, if you are stuck with an overly complicated case study assignment or a dissertation for the matter of fact, and there are odds such as stringent deadlines, then what would you do? 
  • This is where online assignment help comes into play. One can simply get in touch with reliable assignment help firms, and seek instant academic assistance across a myriad of assignments such as case study, coursework, thesis and the likes. 

It is said, ever since the concept of online academic assistance has come into prominence, Most importantly, this particular technological advancement in education has saved a lot of time for students to invest in other productive activities such as creative exercises, brainstorming, pursuing certification courses and more. 

  • Blended-learning opens up newer vistas for students

Blended learning refers to the very concept of technology and education treading in the same direction. Even though technological advancement has given education the much-needed facelift, we cannot deny the presence and significance of traditional modes of learning entirely. Thus, blended-learning is again one notable aspect associated with the concept and application of technology-based education at the end of the day. 

Take a look here to dig deeper into this context of the discussion. 

  • With this particular development, students get to enjoy digital education and conventional learning at the same time. 
  • For instance, students can opt for both face to face and online learning facilities by signing up for blended learning courses. 
  • One can explore and get to read through textbooks, communicate with the educators face to face, come back home and refer to the same lessons via educational videos and the likes. 
  • Also, one can embrace smarter learning via PPTs, flowcharts, digitally available blogs and academic journals. 
  • The best thing about blended learning is the fact that it does not completely discard the idea and significance of traditional learning. 
  • Rather, it merges the two in a uniform manner, and inspires students to harness the best of both worlds in an effective manner. 
  • Open forum educational resources are changing the scene

Again, this is an important aspect and a notable way technology is changing the academic scenario for a promising and educationally enriched tomorrow. The entire idea behind open forum education resources is quite simple. Students are entitled to explore a plethora of academic resources, test papers, specimen, university course materials and the likes, all under the same roof. 

Here are some mentionable names that gain significance in this context. 

  • Khan Academy 
  • OpenAcademicResearch.org 
  • Zoominfo.com
  • AcademicPositions.com

In addition to each of the names as mentioned above, there are a plethora of other open forum academic resources available these days. One can always refer to any of the suitable names and get introduced to a whole new world smart academic information, and research insights on the go, from the comfort of their home. Now, isn’t it amazing? It surely is! 

  • Technology gives the right boost to student performances

Earlier, there were several instances where educators used to find it overly difficult to keep track of students’ performance and monitor their individual progress in an organised manner. However, such is not the case anymore. With technology leading the tribe, educators can easily keep track of students’ performance, evaluate their productivity.

Here’s how. 

  • Apps such as Edu Cloud is said to be one of the most sought-after tools that can help users keep track of student’s performance on a daily basis.  
  • In addition to it, the digital platform xbsoftware.com is one of the most notable forums when it comes to tracking student performance and growth from time to time. 

If the educational institutes consider leveraging the potential of more of such applications and digital forums in order to evaluate and manage student’s performance, then the youngsters would definitely tread in the right direction. Students need nothing but organised guidance and academic assistance on a day to day basis. 

Technological advancements as commendable as the one mentioned in this pointer will only help global education achieve new goals and accolades in every impressive aspect. 

  • Online tests/exams have made things seamless for students

Previously, students were only allowed to appear for exams on the basis of physical presence. However, things have definitely changed for the better over time, and of course, in a promising manner. These days, one can always sign up for the option of online examinations. 

Especially, last year, when the world was fighting with the demonic Covid-19 outbreak, most schools and colleges came to a temporary halt. But this disruption did not stop students from appearing from exams. Do you know why? That’s because the phenomenon called online examination was there to hold the fort. 

As a result, even if you are required to stay at home and combat all odds, you don’t need to miss out on exams by any means, whatsoever. 

To End With | 6 Praiseworthy Ways How Technology Has Facelifted the Realm of Academics

So, all in all, technology truly seems to be the next big thing to happen for academicians, students, researchers and educators around the world. However, we should equally be responsible for leveraging the potential of technology, thus, ensuring ethical use and application of it in the long run.

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