Pre-launch checklist items before you launch your next Drupal website launch

Pre-launch checklist items before you launch your next Drupal website launch

Why do you need a checklist before launching your website using Drupal? You have a new Drupal website that is developer and well-tested by the Drupal Development Company.

Have you set the File Permissions?

It is important to secure the Drupal website by setting the file permissions correctly. Ensure that the webserver does not get permission to write or edit the files. There are many automated tools to set and verify the permissions like Security Review Module and File Permissions. The file name settings.php file should be safe so that your database-connection information.

Do you have the Drupal Security Updates?

Drupal is a superb choice for the Content Management System for different organizations while dealing with critical data. Drupal Web Development Company is aware that it is a secure CMS because of its constant efforts. It has major and minor release, which brings out security updates regularly. It will send warning messages and address the immediate security risks with the security releases. Take help from Drupal Development Company to perform security updates to keep the modules and core secure.

Is your admin account name secure?

They also know the admin account as that root account which is used in the Drupal Website development. The installation is vulnerable to online attacks as it is easier to guess a username for hackers. You must change the admin account name to a complex name, and additionally, you need a strong password to make it more secure. Keep a note while granting the user permissions, ensure that you give minimal permissions to anonymous users and all permissions are granted to authenticated users.

Have you handled the error reports?

Drupal web Development company should help in switching off the Error reporting so that errors are onto a log and do not display it to users. You can easily navigate to Configuration > Development > Logging and Errors and just set the option to None that will disable error reporting.

Handled the Content and SEO?

Drupal web Development Company can help in using the SEO modules that help in gaining organic traffic during the website launch. The Path Auto module helps in generating a friendly URL for the website and also allows redirection to the new URLs.

Checked the Drupal Modules?

If you have an unnecessary module on the website, that can affect the speed and performance of your platform. Ensure that Drupal modules are updated with the latest releases and security patches. We recommend that you should disable the Devel module and similar things during the launch. Analyze the website for its behaviour and performance using different modules available.

Is your Server Configuration right?

Check the size of files that users can upload from the Drupal website. During the server configuration, check the execution time. Set the max_execution_time and check it sends forms to the right email address.

Do you have good Website performance?

Caching: If the website has configured caching can help in boosting performance if the website. Drupal 8 core has some modules like the Internal Dynamic Page Cache module and Internal Page Cache Module. There are some caching modules that are turned off by default, so ensure that it is turned on.

CSS and JavaScript: A great Drupal website will have the CSS and JavaScript files in its development modules that will increase the HTTP calls for your web pages. You can compress the relevant files by enabling the Advanced JS/CSS aggregation feature located in the performance section.

This was all about the website checklist, but is your SEO fine?

Questionnaire for the SEO of the website

Let us give you some questions that you need to figure out to know that your SEO is great:

  • Is the website mobile-friendly?
  • Have you used proper and unique meta tags?
  • Does your web pages have SEO-friendly URLs?
  • Do you have the correct internal linking in the website?
  • Have you added the alt tags in the images?
  • Did you follow the Website XML sitemap set up correctly?
  • What about the web page redirects, have you optimized them?
  • Made your error pages interactively?
  • Does your website have social media integration?
  • Is your content unique?
  • Have made your website ready for verification by the search engines?
  • Did you enable Google Analytics?
Summing it! | Pre-launch checklist items before you launch your next Drupal website launch

Drupal Development Company can provide you with services that can help in handling such things before launching the website. We have enlisted some important key things that can resolve issues and errors of the Drupal website. You can get help from highly skilled Drupal developers to get your website prepared for the launch.

This checklist helps in reducing the chances of running into errors and affecting your first impression in the digital market. Search Engine Result Pages will have a strict algorithm to decide your ranks, so ensure that you have a great website that they can crawl easily to check responses.

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