7 Benefits of Buying Your Parents a Smartphone

Are you asking yourself if buying your parents a smartphone is a good idea? Are you worried that they might not understand how to use it or it might be a waste of money? Well, smartphones are no longer a luxury item; they have become a necessity in the digital age, and getting one for your parents would be a great decision. It is essential to consider the numerous benefits of a smartphone for your parents, such as its versatility, portability, and convenience. This article will give you insight into the benefits of buying your parents a smartphone.

Benefits of Giving a Smartphone to Your Parents

Better Communication

Smartphones facilitate communication by offering features like calls, texting, and video calls. It’s a great way for parents to keep in touch with their family and friends, especially those who are far away. The ease of use, coupled with the camera feature and messaging apps like Whatsapp make it easier for elderly parents to communicate with loved ones who may be living in a different state or country. With this, your parents will always keep in touch without having to worry about extra costs.

Improved Health

Smartphones have numerous health apps. With smartwatches, for instance, they can monitor their heart rate, track their footsteps, and regulate their sleep patterns. Additionally, smartphones have an in-built emergency response feature that can help them alert responders if they fall, aiding in quicker response times. Encourage your parents to adopt healthier habits with the added benefit of tracking and monitoring their progress.

Mental Stimulation

Smartphones have various features that can help keep the mind active and engaged. Help your parents find games and apps that can challenge their minds and prevent memory loss. Also, they can access the internet, read online articles and magazines, and keep up with the news. Smartphones also assist in language learning with cognitive exercises that help them improve their memory, focus, and attention levels.

Peace of Mind

Smartphones are important when it comes to the safety and well-being of the elderly. It gives you peace of mind, especially if your parents live alone, as they can answer phone calls, and video calls, and keep you updated on their whereabouts. Moreover, location-based services such as GPS tracking give you an easy way to know whether your parents arrived safely at their destination.

Easy Access to Entertainment

Smartphones are not just messaging and communication apps; they can also be a source of entertainment. Streaming services like Netflix, Amazon Prime, and Hulu allow your parents to watch their favorite shows and movies on their mobile devices. The internet is full of entertainment resources like YouTube, which provides an endless supply of interesting content to keep them occupied. Additionally, they can listen to their favorite music, read eBooks, and play games.

Online Shopping

The pandemic caused many businesses to close down, limiting their in-person services. But with the rise of online shopping, your elderly parents can have goods delivered right to their doorstep. Furthermore, you can help them learn about these new online shopping services that may not have existed before, giving them access to purchase whatever they need.

Accessibility Features

Lastly, smartphones have accessibility features that can help the elderly. Many elderly people may have hearing or sight problems, and smartphones have in-built accessibility features that allow them to use their devices without any complications. All they need to do is adjust the settings to make the font size bigger or have the phone read everything out to them.


After exploring these seven benefits, you now know that getting your parents a smartphone, like HONOR 90 Malaysia is a great investment that will improve their daily life. It’s a thoughtful gesture that provides various advantages that encompass everything from safety to entertainment. So, go ahead and purchase your parents a smartphone. Trust us, they will love it!