A Guide to Black Series Darksaber from Start to Finish

People who are watching Star Wars love all series because of the lightsabers. Okay, not just because of that but the lightsabers are such essential parts of the Star Wars mythos that you cannot just overlook them. There are several types and color options including, blue, green, and red, and one of them is completely unique – the black lightsaber that is also known as the Darksaber. Here, we are going to tell you all you want to know about the black series Darksaber

Who Created the Black Series Darksaber and How it is Made?

In the days of the Old Republic, the Darksaber was reserved in the Jedi temple, following the death of its maker, Tarre Vizsla, the first Mandalorian self-confessed to the Jedi order. However, it was taken over by the Mandalorians of House Vizsla, who invaded the Jedi temple during the decrease of the Old Republic. The offspring of House Vizsla used the Darksaber black series to kill several Jedi and rule Mandalore for several years. 

Further, George Lucas thought it cool to comprise a black series lightsaber in the rule and he just made it happen. No in-universe clarification was delivered for this. We know that Tarre Vizsla formed it through the blend of classic and some exact methods but the latter hasn’t been exposed so we don’t know the particular in-universe origins of the Darksaber.

How the Darksaber Series Black Become Black

There is no official clarification was specified about the color of the Darksaber. The most shared clarification is that it simply holds an artificial kyber crystal that was shaped using some unusual methods by Tarre Vizsla. Since we know that Kyber crystals are responsive objects, it perhaps took some multifaceted force operation for Vizsla to turn a kyber crystal black. 

We know that this exact color symbolizes the pain of the Mandalorian people, so these feelings probably played a part in its formation. Whatever the cause might be, the Darksaber black series remains an exclusive weapon whose beginnings still have to be properly clarified and we are looking onward to finding out what they are.  

Is There Only One Black Series Darksaber?

Yes, the Darksaber is a totally exclusive weapon, although the particular in-universe reasons behind this have not been exposed. From what we can fold, the Darksaber vibrated with Tarre Vizsla in a single way and that quality has never established itself later. This is probably due to the unique combination of skills and emotions that was put into the creation of the black series Darksaber. 

While there probably won’t be one and while the procedure certainly was single, there is nothing in the series to propose that the procedure could not be copied. It is clearly very hard and the whole procedure is a secret but there is nothing suggesting that someone else couldn’t replicate that same process, so there perhaps could be another Darksaber.

Is the Black Series Darksaber Good or Bad?

The Darksaber is an object, a weapon. In that phase, it doesn’t have any enchanted skills and it doesn’t impact the owner in any mode. This means that the Darksaber is neither decent nor evil. The Darksaber can be exercised by both good and bad types but in itself, it has categorically no moral position. Its ancient history full of ownership changes allied it more often with the opponents, but currently, it is in control of one of Galaxy’s greatest characters. 

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How to Maintain Your Darksaber Hilt and Blade?

In order to achieve the best cosplay session it is essential to maintain your Darksaber. If you need to know how to preserve your Darksaber to keep it working easily and efficiently, then follow the instructions given below:

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