A Guide to the Best Business Intelligence Tools

A Guide to the Best Business Intelligence Tools

If you have been checking the web on business intelligence (BI), you probably have come across a lot of information and wondered which business intelligence tool is the best. Every seller promotes their technology as the best to take care of your needs. But what you need to know is that it takes a lot of effort and careful analysis to know the best. Simply said, you need the right information when choosing the right business intelligence tool for your business. 

A Guide to the Best Business Intelligence Tools

But before that, let’s explain what BI is all about. It comprises strategies and technology used by businesses to analyze data and make sensible reports that will help them make informed decisions. The BI tools are designed to perform these tasks and report as well. So, when looking for one, here is what you need to check.

Data Access

The best business intelligence tool should have multiple sources of data. Of course, any one of them will work with your internal data, for instance, website visitors’ data or internal database information. But as a data-focused organization, you need more than that. 

Hence, the BI tool should easily integrate with third-party databases, the web, and social media platforms to source more data and use it in the organization. 


The need for a business or organization keep on changing with time, hence, all your tools should be flexible enough. The business intelligence tool that can be customized from time to time to adapt to the needs of the business is the best. 

Gleaning for information is hard enough and your business intelligence tool should be customized to get it with ease. This should be the case with analysis and reporting. 


Today, apps are more preferred than desktop software. So, choose a business intelligence tool that can be installed on a mobile phone and allow the sales and marketing teams or any other employees to use it while on the go. This eases the work of collecting data, when communicating with customers while in the field, and also collaborating with fellow employees. As a company, you should be wary of BI tools that insist on using the old desktop software alone. 

User Platform Friendliness

You have probably heard about self-service BI tools, right? These are the best in the modern world since they have a friendly user platform that is easy to use. Even if it looks a bit technical, the employees should find it easy to use after getting trained by the solution provider. If the business intelligence tool can only be handled by a tech team, you should think twice.


Most useful BI tools are paid. Free versions may have limited features that will not help your business to thrive. But again, expensive tools take a toll on your operating budget, especially when the license is charged monthly. So, take your time to choose well and decide which tool gives you value for money.

Conclusion | A Guide to the Best Business Intelligence Tools

Now that you know the considerations to make when choosing a business intelligence tool, it is time to acquire the best one for your needs. If you are still torn between many similar options, hire an expert in the field to help you.

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