An outlook on the architecture of health ATM

How the health ATM designed by cloud clinics? Health ATM aids healthcare with proper care delivery and convenience. It has the ability to perform multiple health tests within 10 minutes. It prescribes medicines and makes virtual interactions between the doctor and patients.

The best thing is that the health ATM keeps the patient records in its database to access easily anytime, anywhere. From the basic tests, it also conducts important investigations. 

Read the facts below to look at the architecture of a health ATM, which is designed as an integrated point device. 

The well-integrated device- Health ATM

Health ATM is a one-stop integrated device used to diagnose chronic diseases. It is considered the digital point that offers diagnostics and primary care to patients. 

The health ATM India equipment and integrated device are used to perform the following diagnostic testing  

  • Neurology
  • Cardiology
  • Clinical diagnostics 
  • Basic vitals 
  • Emergency facilities
  • Pulmonary testing, and many more 

The touch screen of health ATMs is used to manage health-related information and permits people to access their accounts through internet-connected devices. 

 A close look at health ATM architecture 

Gathered health records in digital form bring promises to clinical and informatics research. It is challenging to work with integrated devices and health ATM news because the data are encoded in EHR form. 

But the representations of health data in EHR are important to make the information bridge in integrated deep architecture. 

What are the challenges come to operating the health ATM

Similar to other pieces of equipment in the health industry, the health ATMs have also come with the same challenges 

  • The goal of health ATM is to make healthcare accessible to people in rural areas people 
  • But due to some interruptions or unstable internet problems, health ATMs are not functioning well or do not give access to healthcare 
  • It is quite difficult to encourage the staff of healthcare and government facilities, which makes it difficult to manage the health ATM 
  • As the demand and use of health ATMs are increasing with time, so need the proper maintenance. Without proper maintenance, it will lose its purpose and worth 
  • There is a lack
  •  of training and awareness on how to maintain the health of ATM 

How to overcome health ATM challenges 

It is possible to overcome from challenges of health ATM by putting collaborative efforts with the healthcare industry. 

  • The groups can work together and improve the capabilities of the health ATM model. 
  • Adoption of health ATMs by wellness ventures in rural areas so they address health problems. 
  • Many health ATM machines are also deployed at airports and malls to give easy access to diagnostic reports. 
  • The benefits and abilities of health ATMs are promoted by many firms through online forms.


Health ATMs are growing, and they prove the worth of remote primary care facilities. The benefits of this device make the healthcare industry successful.