JCB 3DX price

Are Backhoe Loaders from JCB & CAT Worth All The Hype?

Over the last few decades, India has seen a notable transformation in the construction industry. This change can be attributed to several factors, one of which is the emergence of innovative backhoe loaders from leading brands such as JCB & CAT. Nevertheless, there’s always a doubt. This doubt is among contractors as to whether models like CAT 424 or JCB 3DX are worth all the hype. Do you have a similar doubt? Then you’ve landed in the right place. This blog will discuss and conclude if buying these two models is a mindful decision.

Compare & Choose: CAT 424 vs JCB 3DX

CAT 424

This backhoe loader model is one of the most popular among infra professionals, and for the right reason. To illustrate, CAT 424 has a maximum operating weight of 8760 Kg. This specific feature guarantees maximum work output. Moreover, the machine can facilitate quarrying or tasks like tunnelling in construction, thanks to its dig depth capacity of 2000mm.

More importantly, as a loader, it immensely aids in material lifting with its 2735 mm of full height reach limit. Hence, all these features make this model a versatile machine. Furthermore, the CAT 424 price is quite justified, given the attributes it’s built with.


JCB3DX is one of the top-selling JCB models in India. In fact, this backhoe loader rose to popularity soon after its launch. To begin with, the model comprises several inventive features, subsequently upscaling productivity for on-site tasks. For instance, the model features 7460 kg of maximum operating weight.

Additionally, this backhoe loader comes equipped with 5.05 mm of dig depth capacity. Both these features coalesce to increase work productivity for mining and construction projects. Moreover, this backhoe loader is great at waste handling. More importantly, the JCB 3DX price range starts from Rs. 18 Lakhs and goes up to 20 Lakhs in India.

So, have you made up your mind regarding which model will be your next purchase? Or still confused? Well, whichever the case is, we at Infra Junction sort all your queries related to heavy-duty equipment.