Asian Handicap 2 Meaning

Asian Handicap is the most commonly used term in football sports betting. Talking about it, this is the most unusual form of betting which signifies your team must lose the football match by exactly one goal, draw or win the game to consider your bet successful. If your team loses the battle by 1 goal then all your stake will be refunded while if the team loses the game in order by two or more goals then you are bound to result in stake loss. To know about this we must be familiar with its prominence.

It is the term used while implementing the rule to prevent foul play which takes place during the play. This rule usually favors the team which is on the verge of defeat usually known as underdogs. It is not the case that this type of rule is only included in the sport of football, however, it is used in games like tennis, rugby, hockey, and also many popular games. This term was used popularly in Asia, so it is also known as Asian or Handicap betting. I have tried to explain about in simple words.

Important Facts Of 1xbet

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Ways To Contact 1xbet Customer Care

As you all know the popularity of 1xbet betting websites. As you know it has a loyal customer base so it is natural that it has got massive traffic from the bettors frequently used. So it is obvious that many questions would arise related to its transaction to every game. To tackle this situation there are different ways to connect with customer service. 1xbet 고객센터 88betks to your assistance there are four different ways to communicate with customer service.

  1. Firstly you can connect through a dedicated customer chat service which operates 24/7 round the clock. Users can easily connect with the online chat option displayed on the screen and get answers to their questions at that time.
  2. Secondly, you can directly place your call for quick assistance. For this customer care number is mentioned on the website.
  3. Thirdly most common tool is a telegram. For quick communication, a sophisticated telegram is discovered which is one click away from your smartphone.
  4. The fourth method is the traditional way which is connecting through the mail. You can mail through your registered email address.

They usually try to solve even tiny problems which exist before their customers impact negative experience. So they are deeply committed to their work.


In this article, we discovered the meaning of Asian Handicap 2. By learning about this term, we also learned about its prominence. We also came to know about Asian betting also known as Handicap betting and how it has implementation in fantasy-related sports. Also, it is connected with various other popular sport activity. It helps to prevent the loss that is set to occur during foul play in the game. Different ways through which you can easily connect to the customer service representative and get appropriate answers to your question which acts as a barrier throughout the entire process.