When is the best age to begin programming?

At What Age Should Kids Learn to Code

The problem modern parents face when it comes to the education of their kids is a vast range of opinions nudging them to either try something new or to stick with the contemporary. As a parent in 2020, some people will advise you to get your kids to learn foreign languages while others would advise against it. At What Age Should Kids Learn to Code.

You will come across people who would tell you to focus on your kids’ physical skill development and also the people who make cognitive skills a priority. All in all, different people have different opinions and they offer theirs according to their own experiences and ideas.

At What Age Should Kids Learn to Code

The same thing happens when you decide to teach your kids coding. Some people would appreciate your decision saying exposing kids to complex subjects at an early age would help them grow efficiently. Others would be skeptic about the decision saying over-stimulating your child with challenging tasks could stunt their mental growth.

So which approach is best when it comes to teaching your kids how to code? In this article, we will dive into this topic and try to answer the question as best as we can.

The Earlier The Better

It is generally accepted by experts that the sooner kids learn to code, the better it is for them. Although every child has a different growth rate, by the age of 5-7, they could handle the basics of programming courses. Coding classes for kids have to be introduced to kids in gamified forms. Once the kids have mastered the game, you can bring in more demanding exercises and practices into the course.

Multiple studies show that children who were introduced to coding at an early age tend to have better academic performance throughout their education.

Alternate Thinking

Most parents want to prepare their kids for admission in a decent university, which is a linear and reliable way of educating their kids. However, teaching kids to code is a way better and beneficial way of education that will serve them throughout their education and career. Kids who are exposed to coding at an early age tend to think more logically and creatively.

There are many aspects of thinking that need to be taken into consideration when it comes to preparing your kids for an effective education system. Coding provides kids with the ability to think creatively and critically and to be able to think in specific ways to get rid of the problem in-hand will be beneficial academically, professionally, as well as in general life.

Most people see coding as a subject that one should incline towards if they want to have a more competitive edge in their career. However, in reality, coding should be a primary subject in kids’ education.

Coding works on the problem-solving principle. In order to be a problem solver, you need to have patience, will, and a dedicated mindset. When kids learn to code, they also get themselves conditioned for thinking and working creatively while applying logic to solve any given problem.

Learning How Stuff Work

Once kids have learned to find solutions for the bugs in their program, the next step is to avoid such mistakes altogether.

Kids nowadays have technological devices at their disposal. From watching cartoon shows on smart TVs to playing games on mobile phones, kids remain submerged in technology all day every day to the point that parents fear their kids would become overly dependent on smart devices.

Most kids know how to use multiple devices to get what they want out of them. However, knowing how to use a device and knowing how the device works are two entirely different concepts. With coding, kids not only learn to use a range of devices, they also learn how those devices function in the first place so they could exploit it to its full potential. With such skills, kids tend to start seeing the whole world differently.

Coding for Creativity

Creativity is essential to all humans. Kids, especially, need a creative approach in their education to be able to grasp many concepts of their subjects.

Conclusion | At What Age Should Kids Learn to Code

With coding, even as a beginner, kids learn to create their own games, websites, and apps. Coding helps them be creative and imaginative in their approach towards everything.

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