Challenges that Tech Giants will Face in 2020

Challenges That Tech Giants Will Face in 2020

This year full of uncertainties and setbacks for the entire world. 2020 is the year that the Earth stopped. Every place, organization, and institution were shut down and locked up due to the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19). Most of the world went through a recession and still is, which has led to downsizing and an alarming increase in unemployment. Since the companies are no longer generating as much revenue, they cannot afford to hire many people either, which is why most people are jobless these days.

Challenges that Tech Giants will Face in 2020

Since every field in the world is facing a downfall, it is obvious that the field of technology will also encounter many problems, mostly due to the lack of finances and the unavailability of workers.

Challenges that Tech Giants will Face

Tech giants (people who own multinational co-operations) are facing many difficulties because there are many IT challenges in 2020. Some of these are:

  • Breach of data security
  • Threats to confidential information
  • Skills Gap
  • Cultural shock in the digital world
  • Cloud Technology
  • Focus on rules and regulations
  • Workload
  • Gig Economy Issues

Breach of data security

Many different strategies and regulations are being introduced in 2020. Along with this, there are also many more guidelines that need to be followed strictly by all the organizations. 

Not only this, but the workers also need to be kept an eye on within all the organizations, so the data is not compromised easily. These are some of the repercussions that come with new technology in 2020. Check out some fantastic coupons for the best VPN.

Threats to confidential information

Data breaching and cyber-attacks are already very common. Still, research shows that now, hackers are using more straightforward techniques instead of any complicated methodologies to get access to classified information. This is why organizations are currently working on upgrading their security information and adding more safety to stay away from danger. That is why the arrival of new technology in 2020 is causing more problems. Here are some threats to cybersecurity.

Skills Gaps

Due to an increase in technology and its complexities, there has been an increase in the need for trained workers in this field because technology has become more complicated and involved in a decade. The IT departments of tech organizations need to find solutions to fix IT challenges in the presence of skilled workers, and if workers are not available, they should be trained. 

Cultural Shock in the digital world

Since the methodology and operations of the digital world are changing, the organizations need to make drastic changes and shifts. The tech giants need to be aware that technology is not only used to improve technology but has also become a part of everyday business. 

And since the changes that are taking place due to the involvement of technology are intense, they will require cultural and organizational support because the changes that take place need to be accommodated over a long period. 

Cloud Technology

Since cloud technology is being increasingly used today, it is causing data storage issues with some companies. It is already tough for the tech departments to maintain the use of the cloud because the main issue is bandwidth. 

Since the cloud takes up a lot of space, the bandwidth is not enough, and the need is increasing day by day, which is why this is one of the leading technical issues. 

Focus on rules and regulations

The rules and regulations regarding technology have increased with time because specific bills have been passed to protect breach of any data and stop it from being compromised.

One of the main reasons as to why this will become a big part of technology now is because companies are currently saving up their data on devices. So, protect this data, specific rules and regulations need to be followed. 


The tech companies recently because the tech giants need more people they can hire to work, and the existing staff already has a lot on their plates as they lack the necessary skills to finish all the tasks given to them. This causes chaos in the organizations because the work is not being completed on time, and neither are there many people available to do the work because the companies are understaffed. 

The challenges, as mentioned above, are all acting as barriers in the world of technology in 2020. This is because the world is entirely dependent on the use of technology for almost everything. Since this dependency is only increasing day by day, the communities are demanding more from the tech giants. 

However, unforeseen risks have also led to many risks and problems regarding the security of the data that is being backed up or saved. These queries need to be taken care of by the tech organizations and companies, which is become even more difficult day by day, and especially this year, where the world has faced many setbacks already. Also, check out some best tech gifts you can give to your loved ones.

Gig Economy Issues

Gig Economy is a system of working where people are hired for a specific period for temporary positions that do not last a very long time. They get paid for that particular job that they do or the “GIG.” 

Conclusion | Challenges that Tech Giants will Face in 2020

The gig economy is a challenge for tech giants in 2020 because since this strategy involves hiring many people from different areas, it can lead to the security being compromised. This is why the data can be easily compromised these days. This, in turn, leads to technology issues. So, this is one major IT challenge in 2020 that will arise this year.

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