Epson Printer Is Showing an Error State?

What to Do When an Epson Printer Is Showing an Error State?

Epson printers are popular among home users for good prices and printing quality. But many users face error state issues on Epson printers. Like other hardware devices, the Epson can get into issues due to various reasons. 

Epson Printer Is Showing an Error State?

An error code like Epson error code 0x97 can also get the Epson printer into an error state. When the printer shows an error, the user should start searching for the possible causes.

Common reasons for getting Epson printer error state:

  1. Epson printer driver get corrupted
  2. The printer gets into a runtime error
  3. The cartridge is not installed correctly
  4. The printer fuser gets damaged
  5. Your printhead get clogged
  6. Epson printer memory gets filled up.

Fixing Epson printer error state:

Restart the Epson printer

When the Epson printer gets into an error state, the user should restart it instantly. The error can occur when the device is dealing with a runtime issue. 

Restarting the Epson printer will fix the runtime error and the user can use the printer easily. 

Try restarting the PC also. Now open your device and Epson printer and give a print command for taking the printouts.

Check your Epson printer network

The Epson can get into an error when the printer is not connected to the PC correctly. When you have connected the printer to the PC with cable then check for cuts or kinks. 

If you are taking the network connection then check for the Wi-Fi. Disconnect the printer from your device and then reconnect it.

Check the connection and now try to take printouts with the Epson device.

Update or repair the Epson driver

The driver of your Epson printer may get corrupted and starts showing an error. You have to repair the Epson printer driver for fixing the error state. 

Go to the Epson printer software and run the updates. If the update is available, it will install on your device. 

When the printer driver gets corrupted, you can reinstall it. Fixing the driver manually is a difficult process. 

Reinstall the new one from the Epson website. After installing it, restart the system and give a print command to your Epson printer device.

Check the Epson printer fuser

The fuser of your printer can get damaged due to overheating. Users can’t take printouts if the fuser is not working. 

Open the Epson printer and check your fuser. If your printer’s fuser gets burned out then you have to replace it with a new fuser. 

Purchase a new printer fuser of your Epson model and install it on your device. Now turn on the Epson device and try to take the printouts.

Check your Epson printer memory

Epson printer has a memory for installing the print jobs. When the PC sends a print command; memory stores it and prints the jobs accordingly. 

But when the user sends lots of print jobs; the Epson memory gets filled up. When the user gives a new command, the memory starts showing the error. 

You have to clear the pending print jobs from your Epson memory for fixing the error. Go to your printer and remove all pending Epson printer jobs.

Now give a single print command to your device and check for the printout. 

Run the printer troubleshooter

When the error on your Epson printer is appearing due to some issues on the configuration or system errors; use printer troubleshooting. 

The printer troubleshooter will check for all the files which can get the printer into error and then fix them. 

Run the troubleshooter and fix the Epson errors. Also, check the cartridge of your Epson printer. 

Take it out and check for the ink. Now reinstall it carefully and turn on the Epson device. Run the Epson printer and take your printouts.