How to resolve Avast Security error 5013 3

How to resolve Avast Security error 5013 3

Avast security is the best-known antivirus for home users. Avast offers several antivirus plans for Windows, macOS, and phone devices. When you install Avast antivirus, it removes all the existing malware from your computer and keeps your device fully secure from all the threats.

How to resolve Avast Security error 5013 3

You have to Avast and then you can use all the features of Avast antivirus easily. Indeed Avast antivirus is very robust but still many Avast users reported several errors related to Avast antivirus. If you are also getting an error related to your Avast antivirus then you can ask the Avast team for help. One common Avast error which is reported by many users is Avast Security error 5013 3.

Symptoms of Avast Security errors 5013 3:

  • You are getting an error message while shutting down your device.
  • The running program immediately crashed and an error message appears.
  • You are unable to open the Avast dashboard.
  • Avast installation error interrupted and error 5013 3 appears on the screen.

Causes of Avast Security error 5013 3:

  • You are installing an incompatible Avast antivirus setup.
  • Your Windows files get corrupted.
  • Missing registry files.
  • Avast program files get deleted mistakenly.

Common solutions for resolving Avast error 5013 3:

Check device compatibility

If you have purchased an incompatible Avast plan such as you have a Windows device and you got an Avast plan for Mac. In that case, you will get the installation error. Your device should also fulfil the Avast device specifications. Like other software, Avast also has few device specifications like RAM, disk space, processor, etc. Check all the required specifications for the Avast antivirus setup and then you should install Avast antivirus. If you have a compatible Avast plan but still getting error 5013 3 while installing the antivirus then you should ask the Avast team for help.

Check for registry files

If you are getting Avast errors while shutting down the Windows then it can be due to registry files error. Registry files get easily corrupted; the same changes on your Windows can easily corrupt the registry files. But restoring the files is not easy. If you are from a technical background and know-how to restore registry file corruption then you should take Avast error key backup and then proceed for restoration. Here are the steps for restoring a registry to error 5013 3:

  • Close the entire running program on the PC
  • Hover your mouse to the Start menu
  • Type command in the Windows search bar
  • Hold Ctrl and Shift keys simultaneously from your keyboard
  • Now press the Enter key
  • A permission dialogue box will appear on the screen
  • Click on the Yes button
  • You will get a black box will a blinking cursor (command screen)
  • Type Regedit on the command screen
  • Hit the Enter button

The registry editor will appear on the screen. Select the error-related key and go to the File menu; click on the export button. Save the file with the .reg extension and then export the file to the desktop. Now go to the registry editor and edit the corrupt registry files. If you are not from technical background then call the Avast team for help.

Undo the recent changes

If you are getting Avast error 5013 3 after making some changes on your Avast program files or Windows files then restoring all the changes may help to fix the error. Go to the System Restore. A permission prompt will appear on your screen. You have to enter your admin credentials for permission. Now follow the onscreen wizards for completing the restoration process. Once complete, restart the computer and check whether your Avast antivirus is working or not.

If you are unable to Stop Avast Popups try reinstalling Avast antivirus. You may also ask the Avast team for troubleshooting your error.