Tips For Choosing An Appropriate VFD Panel & System

Tips For Choosing An Appropriate VFD Panel & System

A VFD is a kind of motor controller, which varies the voltage and frequency supplied to an electric motor so that it can operate at optimum levels and does not waste electricity.

Also known by other names, including adjustable frequency drive and adjustable speed drive, a VFD is nowadays used in a variety of industries because of its immense utility and energy-saving characteristics and strengths.

Tips For Choosing An Appropriate VFD Panel & System

The latest variable frequency drive panel offers the customization and control options like never before and has many new features.

Tips for choosing the right and best variable frequency drive panel for your manufacturing process and the VFD drives:

Latest Features-

While choosing a Variable Frequency Drive Panel, it should be ensured that accurate speed and torque control options available. The functions also provide for power saving and power factor management. The best panels have the latest features. For instance, a new feature called regenerative braking ensures that the load is broken safely, and the system can be brought to a stop accurately.

Compliant with Modern Industrial Applications-

The modern industrial applications of the motors and the variable frequency drive controlling them need much more excellent control of torque and speed. Such monitoring ensures maximum power efficiency and provides a long life to compressors, pumps, mills, fans, packaging systems, and other machinery and systems that use the motors.

An industrial and VFD panel should, for instance, be designed to manage heat properly. It will help in enhancing the life of the components. Sometimes, unwanted harmonics may also lead to loss of performance, and these should be subdued through the load side filter chokes or the proper sides.

Easy Installation-

Many manufacturing units and companies refrain from using VFDs as their installation, and commissioning is a long process. When the control terminal and the panel operations include the general applications’ basic requirements, both effort and time can be saved.

The best panel manufacturers offer the well-built and engineered VFD panels that come along with the several necessary inclusions and even more. These may include the selector switches, isolation/protection/safety components, potentiometers for adjusting speed, harmonic filters, and other essential components and inclusions. These panels can be almost ready to use in most cases and installed in the least amount of time. Some may also be pre-programmed for the target application.

A VFD may be applicable in several areas, and industries can talk to their suppliers and buy more customized and programmed versions.


The VFD panel systems often include any one of the two different kinds of layouts given below:

  1. The load line and control wiring that runs through the bottom of a drive.
  2. Contractor-like wiring includes the control wiring on the front, a load-side cabling at the bottom, and a line-side wiring configuration at the drive’s top. 

A contractor-like wiring configuration is often of lesser complexity, and the wiring can be accomplished quickly. Therefore, a proper choice of wiring can reduce the space requirements for the panel. 

Conclusion | Tips For Choosing An Appropriate VFD Panel & System

You may also like to partner with a leading panel manufacturer and supplier that adheres to the guidelines, benchmarks, and protocols. A VFD panel should have the proper UL or NEMA rating and should be suitable for the area of operation.

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