Best Anonymous Polling Apps You should Use in 2020

Right from the times when citizens were given the right of universal suffrage, a significant amount of emphasis has been laid on the practice of polling. Today, opinions matter a lot. Therefore, the practice of polling and surveying matters too. Many businesses, startups, political, and administerial decisions are taken based on polling. For instance, a particular brand wants to change its social media page’s outlook. The brand can conduct a simple poll asking its audience for suggestions, new ideas, etc. On top of that, considering your people’s opinions make them feel like a part of your brand or entity. 

Best Anonymous polling apps you should Use in 2020

Undoubtedly, reaching every audience or acquaintance of yours may be a heck of a task. But thanks to the digital advancements! We have come so far only to be relieved by the enjoyments of the digital era in the maximum possible aspects of our daily work. So, here are the best anonymous polling apps you should use in 2020 to lessen your manual polling or feedback burden and instead focus more on your enhancement part. 


It is relatively new amongst its niche competitors, but definitely a very efficient one. Its outstanding features include an intuitive and conversational UI (user interface) that assures a great response rate. The polling app offers tonnes of templates and themes to choose from for your polls and surveys. It gives you the freedom to share it via multiple channels like email, website, and social media. You can customize your poll by adding a logo to it. The app also gives you the advantage of scheduling your polls to be conducted at the desired time and get real-time results with the in-built analytics. 


Awake with the plan of starting something new, don’t know who to go for the advice? Well, let the QiT app do it for you. With the QiT app, you can create your polls along with personalized options quickly and efficiently. It acts as your companion in guiding you with the right piece of advice from the people. It helps you post questions anonymously if you wish to. You can select the demographic and even the geographic location as per the convenience of your research. 

QiT is easy to use with the best available feature of anonymous polling. It helps you save both time and money. You can post questions for your research and later collect the response within no time. The app is quick, efficient, apt, and the best live polling app


This app stands out as it can help you connect people via polls in just a few seconds. It mainly offers two types of polls that are Straw Polls and StrawPoll Meetings. With Straw Polls, you can vote anonymously. Whereas with StrawPoll Meetings, you are allowed to schedule meetings by taking the opinion of each participant. The app offers you an opportunity to conduct private polls with unlimited participants. You can share it through various social media channels to take feedback like Facebook, Twitter, etc. This polling app also gives you real-time results. 


It is another very renowned survey and polling app with several beneficial features. It offers you numerous templates and can be shared via email or display it as a pop-up on your website. The app offers data analysis tools, live results tracking and email distribution, and many more useful features. It has a very good user interface that makes creating polls a cakewalk.  

Google Forms

Could we miss this one at any cost? Definitely not. The very popular free poll creating app helps you create polls in some very simple steps. You can customize your polls by adding your brand’s logo to it and by choosing a theme for it. The app offers a variety of question types like multiple choice, dropdowns, Yes or No questions, etc. It also gives the advantage of answering anonymously. You can analyze responses in real-time by viewing it in sheets or charts. This app also gives you the feature of collaboration. Thus, you can create impactful polls with your team. 

Conclusion | Best Anonymous Polling Apps You should Use in 2020

Having mentioned the best polling apps that you should be using for your crucial tasks, get going with your choice amongst these. After all, the best polling app will give you the most desired results.

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