What are Virtual Escape Rooms?

Beginner’s Guide to Getting in on Virtual Escape Games

With countries going into lockdowns due to the ongoing pandemic, most of us are forced to stay home (worse, in isolation). Schools, companies, and other important institutions that cannot succumb to a total shutdown have been compelled to go digital. Beginner’s Guide to Getting in on Virtual Escape Games.

Beginner’s Guide to getting in on Virtual Escape Games

“Netflix and Chill” has replaced our “popcorn and theatre”. Zoom meetings and Skype calls are the new normal. That is when we are most prone to striking boredom. We often reminisce about the times when we went out shopping and walked in parks without a mask on our faces. We reminisce about the times we partied and went to virtual reality escape rooms with our friends.

While the bustling malls and the parks buzzing with the laughter of little children might become a blast from the past, escape room entertainment is here to stay!

As humans, we have learned to adapt and overcome. Escape room centers have now introduced online escape games, for those who are eager to solve puzzles and mysteries in the safety of their living room. Here’s a detailed guide if you are planning on trying out one with your friends and family!

What are Escape Rooms?

Escape rooms are well-known forms of entertainment where a team of 2 to 8 members uncovers hints, puzzles, and hidden clues together to complete a certain motive. As hinted in the name, the motive of these games is to escape the room. There usually is a specific time limit and if they are not able to accomplish this before the time runs out, they lose the game. 

This entertainment form was initially popularised in America and Europe, subsequently spreading to Asia as well. They usually have themes or storylines behind them, like dungeons, forests, and haunted houses, which make them authentic and interesting. These games are built to enhance teamwork, coordination, and trust while providing enjoyment with your close ones at the same time.

What are Virtual Escape Rooms?

While the world gets digitalized, entertainment companies resort to virtual means of entertainment. The same stairway was climbed by Escape room brands. The games are now conducted through video conferencing systems. The advantage of this form of escape games is that you can connect with them even if you are located miles away from your nearest escape center.

What does Will An Escape Enthusiast need?

All you need for this to work is a laptop or computer with a functioning webcam and microphone. You will not need any special software or features, except for a video conferencing app, preferably zoom.

One of the advantages of the internet is the fact that you can connect with anyone, anywhere. Virtual escape rooms are one of the best ways to have some bonding time with your friends and family. If you have these appliances with a stable internet connection, you are good to go!

How Do They Work?

Back in the day, players were locked in escape rooms of their choice. They searched around for hints and riddles that would lead them to escape. You must be wondering how this could play out when it is online. Here’s how it works.

Firstly you choose an Escape room brand that provides private virtual games. After you select your mission, the staff will give you a zoom link that you can share with your teammates hours before the game begins. When you join, they will provide you with the rules, strategy, and storyline of the room so that you can start working your way to victory. They will then walk you through a set of digital clues and puzzles that you will have to solve together under a specific time limit.

Another alternative escape room brands use for their online games is the ‘game guide.’ Your guide is sent to the room you choose that already has a live camera feed. He turns into your eyes, ears, and hands (even legs, theoretically speaking). You can now navigate him around and tell him what you want to do next. In other brands, there will be the presence of a camera that will allow you to do a 360-degree scan of the room. There will also be a digital dashboard where you can keep track of the clues.

The possibilities are endless. Escape game experts have spent a lot of time to curate a thoughtful and intelligent adventure suitable for anyone playing online. They have done their best to make it as entertaining as possible for someone who cannot make their way to a real escape room. So what are you waiting for? Gather your friends and sign them up for an extraordinary virtual experience!

Virtual Team-Building Games

Now that companies work online, working from home in our make-shift offices can sometimes be stressful for some. Employees usually stay alone at home and work, with little or no motivation. Give your colleagues a break by trying out virtual team-building games! It will strengthen the bond in the group and help with communication. The format of these games are similar to the other virtual games but are designed specifically for developing time management and coordination among your teammates. They make your team progress towards a common goal and develop trust between each other. Virtual team-building is one of the only ways you can do this while social distancing simultaneously!

Your teammates will also learn research, leadership, critical thinking, pattern recognition, and competitiveness which is essential for growth in the corporate world.

How to make a booking for a Virtual escape room

To book a virtual escape room, all you need to do is select a particular brand that provides this experience and visit their official website. You will find varieties of virtual games with a comprehensive description of what you are signing up for. Read through all of them so that you make a choice you will not regret! Brands also allow you to schedule for a particular date and time so if you live in a different time zone, that’s one thing you should keep in mind! Make sure you accidentally don’t schedule your game at 12 in the night! 

After finalizing the number of members in your team and acknowledging the fee per head you can pay the fee and wrap up the booking process!

Escape Room Brands that are leading the way with Virtual Games

The pandemic has pushed several companies to step up their game by launching online escape games. Few brands that have already established a name in creating immersive virtual rooms are:

  1. Mystery Escape Rooms, USA.

Although they have three locations in the USA open and functioning they have introduced virtual games you can attempt. They have games like Nancy Drew, Return to Treasure Island, and Moriarty’s Parlor. One of the new arrivals includes ‘Remember the Ghosts of Christmas’. The game is about the souls of Christmas that have been lost and forgotten in time. What you have to do is find these ghosts that will make you understand the true meaning of Christmas. As the Christmas season is nearing, this is the perfect game to remind you of the festivities. The total fee per event is $50, which is less than $10 for each person! So all you will want for Christmas is a game of mystery escape rooms!

2. Locknescape

This company works remotely in different locations around the world. They focus on conducting custom-made team-building escape rooms to meet the company’s goals. Get in touch with them to get escape room games of your preference and have fun with your teammates!

One of their games includes ‘The Haunted House’. If you are tired of watching the same old jump scares on your t.v. screens it is time to try it out for real. The difficulty of this game is pretty hard but it will guarantee you a spooky thrill with your comrades. 

The description tells us that you are locked up in a haunted house with a child ghost who constantly causes you trouble. Your only way out is to perform a specific ritual by following a path in the house. You will have to perform this under 60 minutes or you and your friends will be possessed by the ghost forever! Hurry up!

While these are only two brands from a multitude of options, a simple search on the internet will land you on multiple sites offering a diverse range of escape adventures!

Virtual Player Reviews

You would assume that players wouldn’t find these games as amusing as they are virtual. To contradict that, we have checked virtual game reviews on major sites to find out that almost all of them are positive. They found it challenging and interactive as if they were present there. “I loved how you were able to convert an in-person person to an online experience and still have the ‘fun’ feel,” said Chantelle Fitzgerald, CEO, about puzzle break escape rooms. 

Another review said, “After being cooped up for weeks due to coronavirus, the virtual version of the Mystery Escape Room was super fun and exciting!” 

Conclusion | Beginner’s Guide to Getting in on Virtual Escape Games

The idea of online escape games has flourished a lot in this technologically advanced age. Now the majority of the escape room brands are switching to the online format to regain stability in their business. According to our research, many people are now resorting to virtual forms of entertainment and they are absolutely loving the thrill of it. Furthermore, The whole ordeal is less painstaking as you are not wasting time searching and traveling to the escape room. Something that would take a couple of hours in real life can now be done in a matter of a few clicks. Looking at the bright side, they are easy, efficient, and time-saving. This should be a sign for you to try it too!

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