Wedding Photographers 

Challenges Faced by Wedding Photographers 

Every wedding is different in terms of rituals, traditions and culture. The Christian weddings held in churches and Hindu weddings held in temples have a vast difference in their entire traditions. Keeping that in mind, it becomes challenging for photographers to be ready to take up clients of all types, irrespective of their ethnicities and traditions.  

Therefore, as a photography studio, the entire team should be skilled enough to take on requirements from all clients. Whether you are looking for Asian wedding videography or a Sikh wedding photography service, it should be met by your team members.  

This article is dedicated to expressing the challenges that wedding photographers face while dealing with clients of varying ethnicities. 

1. Perfect Timing Issues

In some Indian wedding events, the rituals are conducted fast, and the family members often crowd the wedding stage, which makes it difficult for the photographers and videographers to get the right shot at the right time.  

Even if the team can sneak into the gaps for a click, the desired angle is missed. To deal with it, the photography team sets up a couple of team members at the stage’s front before the wedding starts. Hence, the team will find the right angle for amazing photo and video shots. 

2. Low Lighting Problems

The wedding setups in India often compromise on adding a good throw of light from appropriate sides to the stage or other parts of the wedding venue. As a result, it becomes really difficult for photographers and videographers to click an aesthetic shot as desired.  

To overcome this challenge, all Asian wedding videography and photography teams bring in their lights to avoid missing out on good shots. Standing lights are used at the stages, while the videographer carries a portable light for bright coverage of low-light areas. 

3. Delay in Event Timings

May it be Bengali, South Indian or Sikh wedding photography, the team always has to wait for a lot of time from the given schedule for the events to start. Hence, this is why photographers do not take up any other shoots for the day when covering an Indian wedding.  

Delay in time is not just specific to Indian weddings but is common with wedding rituals of all ethnicities. Therefore, the photographers charge clients for a full day rather than hours, especially for Indian weddings.  

4. Request for Immediate Delivery of Raw Files

There is a lack of patience among people to see their beautiful wedding pictures. Therefore there will be a continuous array of requests to give selected or all raw pictures from the specific events. It mostly happens after a pre wedding shoot, which is now a common trend in all Indian weddings.  

There is often a month’s gap between the wedding date and the pre-wedding shoot date. Post completion of the shoot, Indian couples do want their photos the next day.  

To ensure that clients are satisfied, the photography team requests the couple bring a laptop to the event venue. And a team member copies the raw pictures onto the device before leaving the venue after events.  


Irrespective of the challenges, a photography team is destined to offer client satisfaction at all times. Suppose you are an Indian couple looking for top-notch wedding photography or wedding videography in London. In that case, you just need to assess your requirements and compare them with the top photography service providers near you.