Entering Your Building

Unauthorized People Are Entering Your Building? What Steps You Should Take to Prevent Their Access?

You might have a building is one of the most popular parts of the city where everything is available. As you have chosen a popular area, you also need to deal with thousands of people every day.

You might have hired security guards to protect your building from vandalism, theft, and other types of work-related problems, but the truth is you should not depend on other person to ensure the safety of your building. Nowadays, even the security guards aren’t reliable for the safety of your employees, property, residents, and data.

This is why you need to consider both the traditional as well as digital options to make your building a living fortress. With the help of signs, different types of automated systems, cloud-powering, and biometric, you will be able to boost the security of your building. Here are the steps to take to prevent authorized personnel from entering your building.

Consider Using Signs for Enhanced Clarity

If specific zones or areas of your building aren’t accessible to unauthorized employees and other individuals, make sure you use No Trespassing Sign in a place where it can be noticed properly. These signs are extremely effective at preventing employees or other authorized individuals at entering a specific area.

Remember that there will be many dangerous zones such as electric rooms that can pose life-threatening situation to the employees. As your employees might be unaware of these places, make sure you use an effective signage that will save them from facing any problems. If you don’t use these signs, your business might suffer from severe financial and ethical consequences, especially when someone is injured due to your negligence.

Use CCTV Cameras

CCTV cameras will always stay one of the best ways to deterrent troublemakers, thieves, and other dishonest people. If most parts of your building stays vacant at night with a small number of people working, make sure you never hesitate using the CCTV cameras.

In addition, if your business deals with ample amount of sensitive and important data items, you will be able to recognize the person if something wrong happens. However, make sure you pay close attention to the position of the cameras. Consider placing them at the entry points as well as bottlenecks. But remember that placing too many perfectly at different points of your building will prevent the security guards from monitoring all of them.

Train the Security Members Properly

This is another important thing you need to keep in mind if you want to prevent unauthorized people from gaining access to your building. While hiring security guards, don’t forget to explain them their role as well as responsibilities properly.

Apart from letting them know the privacy policy of your company, you also need to give them a tour of the whole building. This way they will be able to take quick actions in case of robbery or vandalism.

You also need to ensure they know the best security practices to work effectively in troublesome situations.


These are the steps you need to implement to prevent unwanted people from entering your building. If you want to buy signs, make sure you visit our website.