Common Mental Health Issues

There are various kinds of mental disorders. Every disorder has different symptoms and signs and needs different medications. Mental disorders are primarily due to the unusual behavior of people. Mental disorders consume thoughts, perceptions, emotions, and even behavior in some cases.

There are numerous ways to eliminate these illnesses. However, before knowing that it’s necessary to know about the illnesses, let’s talk about them in detail.

1. Depression

Do you know which mental disorder is consuming people the most? Yes, it’s depression. According to recent studies, more than 300 million people are affected by this disorder. According to the report, cases of depressed women are high.

Some of the most common signs noticed in people suffering from depression are lack of interest in everything, insecurity, binge eating or not eating at all, lethargy, stress, sleep disorders, and short attention span.

In worse cases, people even commit suicide because of depression. Depression can be due to many reasons such as abuse, financial issues, trauma, and the list goes on. A depressed patient can get better with the help of effective treatment, psychotherapy, and antidepressants. Patients with MTHFR gene defects are recommended to take methylfolate 15mg daily.

2. Bipolar disorder

More than 40 million people in the world are suffering from this disorder. The patient feels depressed and, later on, has a sudden episode of mania. However, at some points, people might act normally. It’s hard to discern between both.

With the advancement in medical science, there are many medicines, techniques, and therapy that can improve the condition of the patient. However, one of the most important things while treating bipolar patients is psychosocial support.

3. Schizophrenia & psychoses

Do you know that almost 20 million people worldwide are struggling with this mental disorder? In these mental disorders, the patient can’t think straight about anything. They have a twisted view of reality, problems, and solutions.

A most common symptom is hallucinations and delusions. Working and maintaining a proper daily routine and conversations are hard for these patients. Moreover, the stigma around this disorder makes people fall deep into this ailment. With proper treatment, support, and physical accommodations, these patients can also become healthy members of society.

4. Dementia

Fifty million people are suffering from this disease. It is due to a disorder in the cognitive function of the brain. Usually, old people are affected because of this disease. It leads to forgetfulness. Brain thinking is highly affected. It can be due to Alzheimer’s, brain injury, or stroke too. Sadly there is no treatment, medicine, or cure for this disease.

5. Developmental disorders & autism

Mental disability, thinking, and intellectual disorders are common worldwide. There are various symptoms such as language disability, communication problems, inability to attend gatherings, and weird yet interesting hobbies.

Families must know about the issue, triggers, and problems of patients. With love, care, and regular checkups, these people can be helpful citizens of society.

Final Thoughts

With joint efforts of families and healthcare departments, these patients can improve. But the truth is due to negligence of both sides, patients suffer. However, WHO action plans have made various amendments to help and educate people about the issues.