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Why vastu consultant Kolkata does not permits sleeping while head points towards North direction?

As per vastu consultant Kolkata the direction towards which our head points as we lie down to sleep is very important. 

Sleep is an important attribute in our lives and it does require any expert vastu consultant Kolkata to tell about it. Even doctors agree that inadequate sleep can take a toll on the physical and mental health of people in both long term and short term.  

In fact this is the primary attribute of the sleeping direction vastu. Let us see how North sleeping direction can ruin our health and thus must be avoided always.

North sleeping is associated with health side effects. This orientation makes the body experience the earth’s magnetic field in reverse direction meaning it enters from the feet and leaves from the head. 

Now vastu consultant Kolkata reminds that the blood is iron rich in nature and thus gets adversely implicated by the magnetic lines of force. As a result it causes strain to the heart and brain.

Triggering health conditions like stroke, heart attack and other blockages becomes extremely high for the those who sleeps in North sleeping direction. 

It can also trigger neurological issues and result in chronic sleep deprivation, says vastu consultant Kolkata.

Additionally you should be familiar with the fact that according to Hindu tradition, the dead bodies are kept aligner in this direction until it’s last rites are done.

So this represents the direction in which the soul leave the body for partaking a new journey.  To be on the safe side vastu consultant Kolkata recommends avoiding this zone altogether for sleeping direction. 

In case you bed aligns in such a way that your head points North direction while sleeping, you must change it immediately to practically any other zone.

South sleeping direction is for the best for people in general, since it offers welth gain and health benefits. 

But East sleeping direction is considered best for students and adults involved in academics as it offers the energy of the sunlight. 

The West sleeping direction is very helpful as well as it might offer wealth gain and is very helpful for the businessmen. 

To know more about sleeping direction vastu, get in touch with expert vastu consultant Kolkata of Vaastu Mangaal. 

Description- vastu consultant Kolkata reminds why you must never adapt North as sleeping direction under any case.