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Features of Audoir AI Song writing Tool

AUDOIR has developed a new technology called SAM AI, which enables it to generate plagiarism-free chords, melodies, and lyrics. The SAM algorithm analyzes each song and selects those that are most appropriate for artists. SAM is available for free to songwriters and can help them generate a wide variety of songs for a variety of genres.

Audoir AI songwriting tool

AUDOIR is an AI songwriting tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help songwriters write original songs. The AI music tools help songwriters generate lyrics, chords, and music that is 100% original. These tools are completely private, allowing writers to maintain their privacy while still creating unique music. These tools also help writers improve their writing skills with a high degree of creativity. These are just a few of the features that make Audoir an excellent choice for the modern musician.

The AUDOIR AI songwriting tool has been designed to give emerging artists equal opportunities in the music industry. It works by training a neural engine on thousands of hit songs. It can come up with 100 new songs in seconds. It also checks for plagiarism and ranks them based on quality, letting composers use only the top ten songs. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to learn and use.

Another great feature of Audoir AI songwriting tool is its ability to generate a variety of songs from your original lyrics. The software also supports various languages and tones. It can generate music that is similar to a song by another artist. Because the software is able to generate a large number of songs, it’s important to choose a tool with a vocal critic. However, remember that quality of the generated songs relies on the quality of the training data.


The Viability of Audoir’s AI songwriting tool depends on the quality of the resulting music. For example, AUDOIR’s SAM has generated free songs across a wide range of genres. However, the quality of the generated music also depends on the training data. As a result, AI songwriting tools should have a critic to ensure the quality of the generated music.

The AI songwriter generator generates high-quality lyrics within a matter of minutes. It uses your input to generate song lyrics and creates a melody based on it. The tool is user-friendly and has numerous dynamic features that enhance its functionality. Users can choose from six different sliding lanes that intelligently scramble words. It also offers import capabilities for easy sharing of lyrics with collaborators. The AI songwriting tool also features a simple interface.


For years, music technology companies have been working on ways to improve the songwriting process with AI-powered tools. A recent EP from Audoir, AI Music Ep. 01, showcases the features of one such AI songwriter called SAM. A highly advanced AI algorithm, SAM has the ability to write up to 100 new songs in a matter of seconds. It can also detect plagiarism. The result? A songwriting tool that’s as close to human as possible.

Unlike human songwriters, Audoir’s AI technology can help aspiring artists create their songs. With its advanced features, AUDOIR can help you compose music with ease. For aspiring artists, Audoir has a free workshop that teaches you the latest music technologies. And while the program isn’t perfect, you won’t have to worry about violating US copyright laws.


The SAM AI music tool has six agents. Each agent works together to help generate hit songs. SAM can generate music in the form of chords, melody lines, and crowds. It can be downloaded for free on multiple devices and comes with a basic membership package. The AI tool is free for all devices. And it can share tracks across multiple devices, including your computer and mobile devices. So, what are you waiting for? Become an audacious music creator today!