Handicap 1.5 Means In Football

All might be aware football is predominantly a sport that is enjoyed by a vast group of audience. It is the sport having a fan base globally. Handicap betting is also known as line betting. This arises from the fact that the two teams playing opposite to each other are unmatched. It is basically used to provide an advantage to the weaker team, while on the other hand providing a disadvantage to the stronger team thus equally opportuning to both the teams to place their wins. In other words, handicap betting is also known as “Asian betting”.

Let us discuss something about football betting in W88 asia. Are you aware of the fact that W88 is? Let me clear you that W88 is a betting website which is designed for sports offering it. As mentioned handicap betting is not only offered in the sport of football but also is offered in the sport namely Rugby, Golf, Tennis, and relatively other sport. As we know, W88 is the best sports betting website that offers you the opportunity to place bets on a number of events that may be determined or undetermined time to occur.

Asian Handicap

As you know, Asian Handicap is the most popular form of football betting which is taken place generally. Basically, it is the value that is attached to the betting that denotes the value that is to be removed or added to the number of goals that are scored by each team. It is effortless to calculate such a bet after the end of the match, you subtract the handicap value from the number of goals scored. Asian handicap is the most popular form of betting related to sports betting. It is generally used to avoid the foul otherwise.

The world of betting is unsure while handicap betting or Asian handicap is the betting offered in the virtual world which accordingly happens according to reality. Football is a game that involves the collection of players paired in a team. The basic concept of simple bookmakers equalizes the possibility of winning with respect to both teams registering wins. The process of handicap betting is usually used in football to eliminate the result relating to the draw of a match. This is used only to nullify the inference of the play and arrived at a decision in favor of one of the teams.

Poker W88

As we know in this fast-changing world the most common method of getting extra benefits is only by placing a bet on your favorite sport and after winning the bet you can avail cash prizes in the form of rewards. The game of poker is very famous and popular to place your desired amount of bets and various types. There is the presence of many websites which provides the facility to tune this kind of service. Out of many namely W88 Poker is considered to be the best due to its interactive dashboard.

Many are the reasons why it is termed the best website offering services related to poker. W88 is an online bookmaker specializing in Sports Betting and Live Casinos founded in 2008 by the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation. It is considered and also recommended to many due to its easy-to-use feature, interactive dashboard, well style theme, and also directions indicating its effective use. It is considered to be the most trusted online betting legalization company in India, In this modern era, most people consider placing bets online also in the virtual world due to matters related to security and privacy as legal issues unknowingly.


Referring to the above article, we came across the most secretive term that is used in football just to eliminate fouls and also maintain fair play by giving a disadvantage to the respective team who has committed a foul. The rule of handicap in football is attached to a certain value which denotes the vulnerability of the game. With different other online casinos bogging the e-games and online gambling field, multiple new members and aspiring users tend to be surprised. In this article, we came across a term which is called Asian handicap which facilitates easy placing of bets.