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How to Clean Up During Home Renovation Project

As you prepare for home renovation, you are more focused on finding the right contractor and home decor to transform your space. You will most likely pay more attention to the costs of materials associated with renovation. With so much to prepare, you can easily overlook plans for site prep and protection

Any renovation project can have a big effect on your home during and after the project. 

Here are some tips on how you can maintain and clean your home during and after the home remodeling project. 

Discuss With Your Contractor 

You can begin by discussing with your contractor your expectations for cleanliness throughout the renovation. Contractors generally work with you to protect the existing space of the home. But the idea is to mainly avoid damage to other parts of the home rather than blocking dirt or grime.

They make sure that your floors are not scratched or dented but the area may be dusty. In case, the spaces will need to be cleaned later. Discuss with your contractor what cleaning services are included and what the costs are depending upon your project. 

You can schedule a dumpster rental at the end of the project to get rid of large pieces of trash and broken furniture items. 

Decide Where to Stay During Renovation

Site prep is important if you are staying in your home during the renovation project. Staying in the home may cost you more than clearing out completely. 

A lot of effort and work goes into protecting the home from the renovation effects. The crew must first layer the paper and add other protective barriers. All these barriers must be taken down at the end of the day so that owners can use their homes at night. If you want to speed up the process and make cleaning easier, it’s best to stay elsewhere during remodeling. 

Protect Your Home from Dust

The first step to from your home from dust is to seal off the renovation zone from the ceiling down to the floor by hanging a heavy-duty tarp. Make sure to cover any gaps so that dust particles will not fly through the other side. 

Within the renovation zone, you need to protect all the things that you are keeping. Protect the floors with construction paper and cover windows treatments and appliances with a tarp. Make sure to cover and protect all the furniture throughout the home with a drop cloth. Seal the closet doors by applying masking tape so that you are not left with dusty clothes that need washing. 

Clear the Air

At the end of the day, clean the space using a HEPA vacuum. You can discuss with your contractor on renting the vacuum so that every small particle can be trapped during cleaning

You can even use an air purifier and change the filters frequently so that it runs efficiently. Another way to ventilate is to keep the windows open. The more air circulates the better it is for your home.