How to View SQL Table in Visual Studio? Everything You Need to Know

Today we are going to look at a very interesting query for users which really amazed us too. We are getting various queries from across the globe from users asking how to view SQL table in visual studio. Well, this is quite a straightforward solution until we get into some serious trouble.

This article consists of the best & reliable solutions along with their advantages & drawbacks. Moreover, we are going to check out the reasons why users want to undergo this operation. We are quite sure that by the end of this article, all of the users can easily be a master of this task. Moreover, you can each teach others how to view table data in visual studio without any hassles.

How to View Table in Visual Studio? First Counter the Why

There are a few reasons why users want to view their data in visual studio & we are going to look at these reasons here. This way we can get a better insight into this operation.

SQL Server Uninstallation
When users do not have SQL servers installed on their system, they have no other options. Without SQL servers, users don’t really have any other option apart from Visual Studio and the modern solution mentioned in the upcoming sections.

Facing Technical Errors Manually
There are various technical errors that can make the user experience really bad. Whether it is Visual Studio or SSMS, users have to face technical errors in both of them. Let’s see if we can counter this or not by learning how to view table data in visual studio 2017.

Corrupted MDF Files
Users having corrupted MDF files in their database can’t view, access, or edit their files in the SQL server. Either they need to resolve the corruption first, which we will discuss further or they need to opt for any other solution say Visual Studio.

Learn How to View SQL Table in Visual Studio Manually

So, now in this section, we’re going to look at the simple procedure of viewing tables using both Visual Studio and SQL Server Management Studio. That way users can get an idea of the entire procedure. 

However, as these solutions aren’t good enough, we’re going to look at the modern method also in the next section. We’re sure that there will be no doubts left in your mind after that.

How to View Table in Visual Studio?

  1. Go to the Database Schema.
  2. Right-Click on Your Table here.
  3. Select Show Table Data option.

In  MS SQL Server Management Studio (SSMS)

  1. Right-Click Table in SSOE & then Click on the View Data option.

That’s it. It is simple for users to view data files in SQL server this way. However, these methods can’t provide results if your files are corrupted. In addition, users should not be dependent on such solutions.

How to View Table Data in Visual Studio Using Automated Solution

Let’s start with the automated solution that can easily solve users’ misery & can provide them with the adequate result. This comes with various advantages & lets users view their table, functions, triggers, views, stored procedures, etc.

It involves the highly advanced SQL Database Viewer Software that can easily allow users to even view their corrupted data files. All of this is possible due to the smart integration of AI in this software.

Download the tool & then follow the below steps to learn how to view SQL table in visual studio easily.

Step-1. Launch the Application & then Click on the Open button.

step-1 how to view SQL table in visual studio

Step-2. Select the Quick or Advance Scan for corruption detection.


Step-3. The software will start scanning the files at a lightning-fast speed.


Step-4. Finally, users are able to see the data files including the tables on the left.


Why Opt For the Automated Solution?

Learning how to view table data in visual studio 2017 can’t provide you with such features. There is n number of reasons why the automated solution is quite reliable & popular among users. The software is quite advanced & is capable of letting users view their SQL tables as expected. Below are some of the specific benefits & features listed of this automated tool.

  • The automated tool can let users view tables, Keys, Triggers, Indexes, Stored Procedures, etc.
  • Without a doubt, this utility can easily view the corrupted tables, columns & rows without any hassle.
  • Learn how to view table in visual studio with the help of a user-friendly GUI and short & simplistic steps.
  • Users can even save their data files in the .str file format for using it in the future whenever needed.
  • The software can view MDF (master data file) & NDF (secondary data file) of both old and new SQL servers with ease.
  • There are two scan modes available in the tool for scanning the data files (especially corrupted). Quick Scan & Advanced Scan
  • There is no need for users to install the SQL server in their systems as this tool can let you view files without the SQL database server.

Bringing It All Together

Evidently, after learning both the methods for viewing the SQL table, we have to make a choice between the two methods, As far as we know, the automated solution is quite reliable & safe for learning how to view table data in visual studio. On the other hand, the manual method isn’t that reliable for users as technically unsound users may find it difficult.

After learning how to view SQL table in visual studio, users need to make a wise decision regarding the selection of the ideal approach. Where the right choice can ease you, the wrong unwise selection holds the capability to ruin your experience.