Looking For Security Cameras? Here are the Top Five in the Market

Businesses often tend to deal with large sums of cash. Wherever money is involved, the risk of crime only gets higher. You never know if your employees intend to embezzle the business resources or if there has been a burglary in the shop.

Looking For Security Cameras

Employees can slack off and behave inappropriately with each other in the absence of someone watching them. The vacuum of these problems is best solved by installing a dependable security camera grid in your shop, factory, or office.

Benefits of Security Cameras

  1. It helps you monitor the activities of your employees. You can track whether they are properly performing their functions, as well as instruct them on their shortcomings.
  2. Security cameras can help deter criminals from entering. Knowing that a camera is recording you and can be used to identify you often stop criminals from considering committing any illegal activity. Even if the worst happens, security camera footage often becomes crucial in helping the police catch the thieves.
  3. The provision of security cameras helps create a safer environment for the employees. When they know that any wrongdoings such as abuse by the higher-ups, or instances of harassment or bullying can be recorded and used for justice, they feel confident in the safety of their workplace, helping them perform better.
  4. Having a security record of events helps in the process of insurance claims, where the video recording can become crucial evidence in proving your indemnity.

How to Set Up Security Cameras

  • Consider the storage costs. Often hard drives needed to record 24/7 surveillance can be very expensive as video takes up a huge chunk of space. So keep proper archiving and clearing schedules, and have a high capacity hard disk to handle the required workloads.
  • Areas of coverage should be carefully thought about. It’s advisable to have greater surveillance in high-traffic spots. You can often avoid too many cameras in one place so that there isn’t too much overlap between their coverage.
  • Camera placement should be well thought out. Cameras need to be arranged in an area in such a manner that there are no blind spots between the overlaps of two or more cameras. This ensures that no video capture is missed. Another great method is to have sweeping cameras that cover each others’ blind spots.

Buying Security Cameras

Now that we know the basics, we can start looking at which security cameras you can buy depending on your business needs. Such security cameras can be purchased via online shopping in UK, thanks to all the discounts and offers, as well as several local physical stores. Our list includes the best 5 security cameras that you should consider buying.

Blink Outdoor: Wireless Security Cameras

These are a great budget option to start off with. The Blink Outdoor cameras are great for outdoor applications because of their wireless functionality and rugged build quality that allows them to survive and operate in all weather conditions. A set of 3 cameras comes to Rs. 22,000. The extra features of this camera include a motion detection sensor that can catch even the slightest amount of movement in restricted areas. This camera system records in full High definition for crisp and clear feedback.

Mi 360° Smart Security

Produced by Xiaomi, the Mi 360° security camera system is a very attractive offer for both home and office installations. Each camera costs Rs. 2,900. Although they might seem cheap, these are very high-capacity cameras. As the name suggests, they have a full 360° range of motion. Due to their wireless function, you can set up the camera and view it live even from your smartphone, which is a very useful feature. The camera has a two-way talk-back feature. This means that it can record audio from the video feed as well as play any audio that you play or speak into it. You can also record the footage in full 1080p video quality. The Mi 360° camera also has infrared night vision mode that helps it clearly record video even in the dark. Besides all this, the camera has an excellent battery backup.

D-Link Wifi Camera

The D-Link is a cheaper alternative to the Mi 360°. It is available at an affordable price of Rs. 1,600 per camera. It boasts much of the same features as the previous camera, but D-Link also provides free cloud storage along with their wifi camera. This camera is Alexa enabled, so you can operate it using voice commands, or from your smartphone. The D-Link camera is able to see up to 5 meters in the darkness with full image and color clarity. Overall it’s a great option for a business that doesn’t want to spend too much on cameras and needs a budget option.

TP-Link Smart Camera

TP-Link’s offering has the most versatility in the field of vision that it has. Boasting a full 360° field of view, the TP-Link Smart camera can also turn a full 114° on a vertical axis. This means that it can cover very large areas in its rotation. It has the function to be mounted on walls as well as ceilings due to its large vision. It is available online at a price of Rs. 2,000. The TP-Link Smart Camera stores video in an SD Card and also has a motion detection feature up to 20 feet.

Netgear Arlo Ultra

The last entry in this list is an offering for large businesses without financial constraints. The Netgear Arlo Ultra is a set of 5 cameras that comes at a price of Rs. 1,11,955. The unique selling point of this camera is that it can record videos in 4K High definition with HDR+ color reproduction. The Arlo Ultra has an integrated spotlight for night situations and also boasts a super-powerful night vision mode. Apart from this, it has all the storage and connectivity features you can expect from a top-of-the-line camera.

These are the best cameras that you can purchase for your business. If any of these do not fit your needs, you can always approach specialized security professionals for high-budget and sophisticated security setups. Buy a robust security camera and never compromise on safety!