Revolutionizing AWS Management for Start-Ups and Scale-Ups

From the Desk of Alex Jeensma, CTO of ElasticScale: My journey through the tech landscape, especially in start-ups and scale-ups utilizing AWS (Amazon Web Services), highlighted a crucial gap. AWS, while powerful, often seems like an enigmatic black box, leading to inflated costs and overlooked security and scalability issues. This challenge inspired me to establish ElasticScale, aiming to make AWS an accessible and efficient tool for growing businesses in the SaaS realm.

Unraveling the AWS Mystery 

  • AWS Expertise: ElasticScale specializes in AWS consultancy, guiding SaaS businesses through the complexities of AWS.
  • Infrastructure Automation: Leveraging Terraform, we automate infrastructure for seamless deployment across various environments.

Tailored Services for Every Business Stage

  • For Start-Ups: We provide a robust AWS reference architecture, infused with best practices and Terraform. This includes a local development environment and Fargate Docker containers, and assistance in obtaining AWS credits for cost-effective first-year operations.
  • For Scale-Ups: Offering a subscription-based service, we take over AWS management, allowing your team to focus on product development.
  • For Venture Capitalists: Our no-cure-no-pay portfolio scan ensures efficient and secure AWS usage for portfolio companies, often uncovering significant cost savings.

Impact and Payment Flexibility

Real-World Success: Case in point, we recently reduced a scale-up’s AWS costs by 70% without impacting their service quality.

Diverse Payment Options: Choose from fixed hourly rates, monthly subscriptions, no-cure-no-pay plans, or AWS IQ payments for convenience.

Engage with ElasticScale

  • Free Initial Consultation: Schedule a 60-minute discussion about your infrastructure directly through, with no obligations.
  • Referral Benefits: Refer new clients and earn a 10% commission on our revenue from them.
  • AWS Bill Analysis: Avail of our free 15-minute bill check and explore cost-saving tips for over 145 AWS services on our website.

Wrapping Up

At ElasticScale, we’re passionate about transforming the way start-ups and scale-ups interact with AWS. Our mission is to convert AWS from a complex, costly endeavor into a strategic, growth-driving asset.