What Is The Difference Between Personal And Business Gmail Account?

With over 1.8 billion global users, Gmail continues its popularity as the leading email platform. As per the email market share report of 2021, it remains at #2. But what is the difference between a personal Gmail account and a business one? It may have occurred in your mind that if you can use all features of Google for free, why do companies pay them money? 

The primary difference is storage capacity. While a personal account only gets 15GB, business accounts get a much bigger capacity. It is a huge deal for businesses as they cannot rely on fixed storage. And with Google’s plans exceeding 30GB of storage, it is beneficial for enterprises. 

But is that all? Of course not. There are other features, like customizable email service, 24/7 customer support, and many more. With the global community opting for digital communication amidst the pandemic, these features have become more critical.

Let’s take a better look at the differences to understand why a business Gmail account is a good idea. 

What Is Personal Gmail?

It is the most common type of Google account, and anyone can avail of it for free. The address usually ends with @gmail.com, and you cannot use it for business purposes. The personal account has a username and a password. It helps you log in to all Google applications available. 

It is a valuable communication tool with built-in extensions like AMP support for a more interactive user experience and G Suite or Google Workspace.

The G Suite is now termed as Google Workspace. And in 2021, Google has made its Workspace available to all customers. Nevertheless, the business account has features that outshine the personal one. 

What Is Business Gmail?

The correct term for the business Gmail account is Suite Gmail. Business Gmail accounts come with features different from personal accounts. The purpose of business accounts is to help enterprises and businesses handle their data more efficiently.

It is usually handled by an administrator of the organization on whose account the business plan is availed. These accounts are ad-free and offer more privacy and better security. These types of organization accounts end with @domain.com. Moreover, the business Gmail accounts can be run on the G Suite platform at a much lower cost. 

Difference Between Personal And Business Gmail

Apart from gaining complete control over your Gmail account, the business Gmail account offers access to various features like Calendar, Docs, Video, Groups, and of course, Gmail. 

Personalized email service

The two categories of Gmail differ in the services and apps they offer.  In personal Gmail, you get an option – “for myself.” But in the business Gmail, you get the option “to manage my business.”

You get the option of customizing your business Gmail address to @company.com. The reason Google allows businesses to do this is to give them more control over their emails. As a result, your organization can add any user or delete them at the end of their employment. Furthermore, Google also lets the companies assign new email IDs to each new employee. 

Google Meet

Google recently rebranded Hangouts Meet and Hangouts Chat. The latest versions are known as Google Meet and Google Chat, respectively, at the beginning of 2020. 

Both personal users and enterprises can access Google Meet for free. This allows the ability to conduct meetings with up to a hundred participants instantly. The sessions can extend for as long as an hour. And up to that period, it’s free to use. 

So, the ideal way is to disconnect the calls every 60 minutes and then conduct a new meeting. During these sessions, you can share and present everything, from slides and spreadsheets to documents. You can even choose to share a window or your entire screen on Google Meet with a business account. 

Integration and customer support

With a business plan comes a massive incentive of 24/7 customer support. This is beneficial for businesses that have only begun to explore other aspects of the Google Apps suite. Sure, you get to use Docs, Sheets, and Slides for free. But what happens when you come across any problem? 

When you use a business account, you have the choice to contact customer support. So, all you need to do is pick up the phone and call Google directly. 

Create groups to determine the flow of email

When you use a free personal account, Google determines its functionality. But on a paid business plan, Google is no longer in control, but the organization is. Therefore, the IT administrator in your organization has complete authority over creating groups or assigning specific email flow. 

The business email accounts are managed by the company that pays for them, sending all notifications to all users and every associated edition. This is unlike the personal Gmail account, where you only get specific notifications and messages. 

Better data organization

If you are using an office Gmail ID, you must have known that the emails, files, or any data you send or receive are the sole property of the employer. Meaning, your every action is constantly scrutinized. That is also a good reason not to use your office Gmail ID for personal purposes. 

Google Apps Marketplace

Even businesses can avail themselves of the free Google account. However, they cannot install any third-party apps via Google Apps Marketplace. This massive opportunity is missed on your business’s behalf since most of these apps can be purchased. 

With connected apps, you can transfer information more easily. This is a huge benefit in terms of sharing contacts or emails to customers in CRM. Being able to auto-share data via online programs is an essential feature of business accounts. And let’s not forget the ability to import or export data within apps hassle-free. 

Syncing Microsoft Outlook to Gmail

Ever tried to sync a free Gmail account to your Microsoft Outlook? It’s not that simple. A business plan makes your organization eligible for the Google Apps Sync. With this, you can sync 2003, 2007, 2010, and 2013 versions of the Microsoft Outlook efficiently with other Google Apps. 

Why Do You Need More Personal Gmail Account?

Most people need more Gmail accounts. There are different reasons to have more gmails than one. People use different Gmail accounts for running an email campaign, socials accounts, cloud storage, and more. If you need more Gmail account, it’s hard to create. You can buy USA phone verified gmail accounts.


Besides an ad-free experience and more extensive storage, these are all the features of a business Gmail account. Not only does it save your time, but it also makes data transfer easier. And your company’s data is well secured under the business plans of Google since you are the sole proprietor and in control of it all.