Why There is a Rise in the Demand for Unified Communication Solution Development Services?

Why There is a Rise in the Demand for Unified Communication Solution Development Services?

The technology is continuously progressing and we have reached a business world where work is no longer restricted to office cabins, desks, telephones, files, and computer screens. Yes, now technology has opened the doors for new opportunities where employees are able to work and coordinate with each other from anywhere in the world.

Rise in the Demand for Unified Communication Solution Development Services?

Experts can easily share their knowledge and skills with others irrespective of where they are located.  Today, a number of businesses are looking for unified communication development services to improve interaction and collaboration within the organization as well as with customers and others associated with the business.

So, what is unified communication?

Well, Unified Communication or UC is associated with the use of the right device and a cloud connection. As most companies have already started to work remotely, many others are still looking for a perfect way to serve their customers without using traditional telephone lines, complex wiring systems, and physical locations. The term unified communication is largely focused on collaboration and mobility of business communications. It describes how businesses can connect various communication systems for the digital workforce while ensuring utmost collaboration.

A globally dispersed workforce can communicate flawlessly with a high level of interaction by utilizing the benefits of unified communication. It is vital to note that the UC is not essentially a single product, it can be a set of products that allow users to enjoy a consistent unified user interface and seamless user experience across their choice of device and media types. On the whole, UC ensures that the enterprise workforces can still use the same secure system and tools from anywhere and anytime.

Enterprise Communication Services Offered by Unified Communication

With the integration of the UC system, the users can access various enterprise communication services such as:

  • Instant messaging or chat
  • Voice and video calling including IP telephony
  • Team collaboration
  • Audio, video, and web conferencing
  • Data sharing
  • Presence information
  • Mobility features including extension mobility
  • Fixed Mobile Convergence (FMC)
  • Desktop sharing
  • Call control, and more

A unified communication system allows users to send a text, message, or information on one channel and receive the same communication on another channel. For instance, an individual can choose to access a voicemail message via e-mail or SMS, or any other medium of their choice. UC also facilitates a speech recognition feature which is a non-real-time communication service.

The services allow users to use unified messaging services integrated with email, voicemail, SMS, and fax. As UC allows users to access presence information, the user can send a quick and real-time response to other people via voice, video, or web chat, or text message. On the other hand, if the other person is not online, then the non-real-time response can be sent via a different type of media. Unified communication generally includes all kinds of communications that are exchanged through a network to encompass other forms of communications like Digital Signage Communications, and Internet Protocol Television (IPTV).

Advantages of Unified Communication System

Unified communication allows communications that are integrated to optimize business processes and augment user productivity. It facilitates smooth communication on a number of platforms that are best suitable for enterprises spread across distant places. It simplifies the whole communication process by presenting everything that a workforce requires to connect, share, and collaborate. Some of the key benefits of a unified communication system include:

  • Improved Productivity: As employees can connect with each other in a way that they are most comfortable with by using any device or medium, it helps to enhance their productivity. They are not restricted to use any particular method of communication or device. Also, they need not be present at a particular location to discuss things, share files, or interact with customers. This freedom helps to encourage employees to work comfortably and present their best potential for the company.
  • Cost-Effective: As a unified communication system operates on the cloud, it eliminates the requirement to install a complex wiring system or any other tool. It means that with UC, enterprises can make a shift from a Capex model to an OpEx strategy which is much cost-efficient as compared to traditional communication systems.
  • Enhanced User Experience: By allowing the workforce to work freely from anywhere, using any communication medium and device, a UC system helps to enhance user experience. It not only gives employees peace of mind but also assists in reducing the turnover rate to a great extent within an organization.
  • Increased Availability to Customers: Unified communication system allows customers to reach the customer support team anytime via their choice of communication medium and device. Also, the customer support team can reach the existing as well as potential customers with ease by means of any communication medium or device where the customers are available. In all, the UC system increases the chances of reaching a large number of target customers easily which ultimately help in increasing the business of that particular organization.
  • Better Performance: Unified communication solution allows employees to interact and collaborate instantly to resolve any complex issues faced by the customers. A collaborative and immediate approach helps in faster and better resolution of customer’s issues or queries. These further result in better performance and also helps in enhancing a company’s image.


Digital transformation and the rising number of digital workforce are the key factors that are driving the implementation of unified communication systems in a large number of organizations. This is also leading to an increased rise in the number of enterprises searching for the best Unified Communication development services to streamline their communication system. UC is definitely an ideal way to broaden customer reach, enhance productivity, and generate a better return on investments.