Development Environment with Sublime Text

Setting up a Go Development Environment with Sublime Text

Go or Golang is the programming language that gained the traction of developers for complex web development tasks. It feels like the mix of Java and Python that addresses the modern-day needs of development. The setting up of a Go development environment can be tricky for first-time developers and it is crucial to set the right path of variables. 

The search for the top Go IDEs rises as developers look to set up the Golang programming development environment appropriately. Sublime Text is the kind of IDE recommended by professional developers to process development tasks flawlessly. Such IDE assists the programmers will have a greater impact on the development process and also enhances the overall code quality. 

IDEs are meant to save repetitive tasks like testing & debugging, and ultimately save a lot of time for developers. Sublime Text offers appropriate customization to tailor the development environment as per specific preferences. If you’ve been already using Golang then looking for a separate IDE like Sublime Text Editor then configuration or updates need to be done with perfection. The blog highlights the relevant ways to set up a Go development environment with Sublime Text. 

What are the Pros and Cons of Sublime Text Editor?

Sublime Text Editor supports multiple languages and has become an attractive point for Go developers. It is the best choice to multi-task across different languages like Java, Python, C++, and others. Moreover, the possibility of complex Go programming language project completion is very prominent with the use of specific plugins & packages. 

The type of editor can be customized easily with the use of varied settings and configurations to fit the workflows. Golang programming today uses such a type of editor for efficient development tasks. Sublime Text Editor also has features like syntax highlighting, cross-platform support, extensive customizations, multiple cursors, code completion, package manager, and others. 

Other than the top features of the text editor, let us look into the pros of Sublime Text Editor –

  • Go developers will need minimal resources for faster and lighter text editors. 
  • Customizations of the editor can be done easily with the use of key bindings & custom macros. 
  • Edit multiple program codes swiftly with the use of multi-caret editing. 
  • Plugins can be installed easily alongside packages to complete the Go development projects. 
  • The full-screen mode and split editing support the faster completion of web activities. 

There can be also some troubles faced by developers while using Golang programming language and let us be familiar with the cons of Sublime text editor – 

  • The Go developers will get controlled debugging support for the tasks. 
  • At the time of multi-tasking with different languages, there will be minimal support for the languages and varied file formats. 
  • It is not an open source editor and licenses are available with relevant payments. 

Installing and Updating of Go

To start up the Go programming language activity, the system needs to be updated to the newer version of the language. But, first, remove any older version in the system –

Sudo rm -r /usr/local/go

Then download the newer version of Golang from official site and extract it for appropriate installation –

Sudo tar -C /usr/local -xzf go1.7.1. linux-amd64.tar.gz

Also, the other option will be to use Golang Version Manager for the installation of the platform and set up the right tools for a website development environment. Next, set the PATH environment by adding the following to ‘.bashrc’ –

export PATH=$PATH: /ur/local/go/bin

export GOPATH=$HOME / go

And, finally, create the desirable developmental workspace – 

Mkdir -p ~/go/scr/

How To Setup Sublime Text?

The setup of Sublime Text Editor for Go development should be completed with the installation of different tools for productive outcomes. If the developer is new to Go development then the task starts with the setup of the development workspace. The setting of the system should run through OSX or Linux commands like –

echo ‘export GOPATH=$HOME/Code/go’ >> ~/.bash_profile

echo ‘export PATH=$PATH:$GOPATH/bin’ >> ~/.bash_profile 

source ~/.bash_profile

mkdir -p ~/Code/go/src/

cd !$

After the setup of the environment, relevant tools need to be installed for desirable web development tasks. 

go get -u

go get -u

go get -u

go get -u

Also, use the Package Control for the installation of Sublime Text Editor in a specific manner –


 “env”: {











[“goimports”, “-srcdir”, “$_dir”],









[“go”, “build”, “-i”]},


[“golint $_fn”], “shell”: true},


[“go”, “vet”]},


[“goconst $_dir”], “shell”: true},


[“usedexports $_dir”], “shell”: true},


[“ineffassign $_fn”], “shell”: true},



The developers can now save and restart the Sublime Text Editor. It might take a few seconds for the installation and then the developers can start their website development task with the Golang programming language.  

Specific Way To Build and Run Go Code 

The Sublime Text can be used to build, compile, and run the codes for specific operations. Use ‘CTRL + B’ or ‘CTRL + 9’ like –

Package main 

Import “fmt”

Func main () {

           Fmt.Println (“hello world”)


There are also different kinds of plugins to support different Golang projects and also works well with the editor. As mentioned above, try to install the following tools for specific development goals:

go get -u

go get -u

go get -u

Developers can now start the website or web app development tasks to complete the projects timely and within the specified work environment. 

Final Thoughts! 

The selection of IDE like Sublime Text Editor will boost the Go development activities for businesses. It also streamlines the overall coding experience and supports the website’s goals. The unique features of the editor ensure intelligent debugging to support the web development frameworks. 

Work efficiently with powerful & top-quality text editors to customize your business sites and also follow the best Go development practices. It can be installed easily and developers can start the cross-platform development activities as per expected lines. Hope this has helped you understand the installation & setup of the Sublime Text Editor with simple steps.