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Website Favicon: A Guide about What, Why and How to Add It

Individuals bookmark several websites, while internet surfing. It is not easy to remember the web page title of every site while reaccessing it. However, a small icon alongside the URL makes it easier for individuals to reopen the desired webpages. This icon is website favicon!

Website Favicon: A Guide about What, Why and How to Add It

Almost every individual has seen favicon, but do you know it is significant for brand recognition? Not sure? Please read this post for a basic guide about favicon, its importance, and ways of creating it. Hopefully, you will like it. 

What is a favicon on a website?

A favicon is a small image used as an icon with the website URL to ensure ease of identification. Many search engines use the favicon as a photographic reminder to help the users identify a website using a visual icon in the address bar.  Usually, it appears left-hand side of the title tag in various places such as:

  • Bookmarks and saved pages
  • Tabs open in the browsers
  • Different toolbar
  • Search engine bars
  • Recently visited pages
  • Mobile search bars

You may find many great favicon examples for getting a better idea of how they look like in appearance and work. Let’s consider an example to help you get better clarity. The favicon is highlighted in the red rectangle box at the left-hand side of the Spiral Click website title. Hopefully, you have got it. 

Website Favicon

Why is a favicon important for your website?

You may be thinking that why should I get a favicon for my website as it’s a small icon only? To your surprise, this small image is significantly important for your website. It is because favicon enables the visitors to recognize websites within seconds just by looking at it. So, if someone has bookmarked a web page and wants to reaccess it, favicon makes it easy.

So, the website favicon has many benefits for your business owing to the following reasons:

Increased brand recognition

It helps in building brand recognition as internet users see it and get familiarity with your business. The icon sticks to their subconscious for years. It means that you can establish brand recognition using a simple yet creative favicon. 

Strengthen website SEO

Essentially, search engine optimization (SEO) is crucial for website success. In this regard, a favicon is a crucial element of SEO because websites must ensure user-friendly interfaces. In this regard, favicon helps the users identify their desired web page without getting into trouble. So, it makes the website friendly for identification. 

Extended website legitimacy

It is imperative to understand that favicon is a complementary element of your website. It legitimizes the web page with a distinctive value. You can give a professional look to your website using a well-designed icon. 

How to add a favicon to the website: Basic Guide

Nevertheless, brand recognition is the primary component of branding goals. So, if you are serious about promoting your business comprehensively, get a favicon for your website right now. Don’t forget to pay attention to details for bringing your brands into the spotlight. It will help in rapid business growth. 

Don’t know what to do? Read the given tips for adding a favicon on your website:

Utilize the space creatively

First thing first, you have a small space and need to fit your brand into it. Couldn’t understand? Favicon is a tiny image that requires sufficient white space for prominence. So, you must pay attention to utilizing the available space wisely to make your website favicon work incredibly. 

Generally, business people prefer using their company’s logo as a favicon. It is a brilliant way of branding. However, you need to get help from experienced logo designers for making the image adjustable as an icon. 

Focus on simplicity

Favicon is also included in all essential elements of a good website. The primary purpose of using small graphics nearby the page title is to make your brand recognizable over the internet. So, you shouldn’t use a complicated design as people may not remember it.  

The best way is to keep it simple as much as possible because simplicity wins the hearts. For this, you can adopt a minimalist approach for getting a favicon on your website. 

Consider favicon size

The size dimension of a favicon makes a big difference for quality. Since it is a small icon with heavy responsibility, it makes it easy to recognize and remember.  Generally, the website designers use a multiple of 48px square as the desired size for a favicon. 

Further, it is reduced to 16 X16px or 144 X 144px to fit in the browsers. If you want to get a favicon for WordPress, consider a size dimension of 512 X512px. Don’t forget to be wise while picking a size dimension to make or break your website impression. 

However, the size considerably depends on the browsers used to open a website. It is suggested to get assistance from professionals for your website design in Dubai to make your website look stunning with a suitable favicon. It will help you stay away from confusion. 

Pick a suitable favicon format

Microsoft was the first who started using a favicon in the year 1999. Internet Explorer 5 initiated the favicons as a historic move in the world of the internet. Presently, many operating systems and browsers offer many favicon formats, including JPEG, ICO, GIF, and PNG. 

However, animated GIF, APNG, and SVG have not supported formats. So, you should select the image format of your favicon wisely!

Reflect your business using favicon!

Summing up, business people want to promote their brands. It requires them to have a website with all crucial components to allure and engage the targeted audience. In this regard, website favicon plays a significant role in boosting brand recognition. Internet users remember a business through its branding elements, including website logo, theme color scheme, and favicon.

Conclusion | Website Favicon: A Guide about What, Why and How to Add It

If you want to retain website visitors, make your favicon simple yet attractive. Remember! Little things and efforts matter a lot when it comes to business success. So, never underestimate the value of favicon on your website.

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