Tips to Brand Your Developed Mobile App Among Your Targeted Users

Tips to Brand Your Developed Mobile App Among Your Targeted Users

Today app users have an end number of options to choose from; hence it is not easy for newbies to grow their customer base. There is tough competition in the app world. Statista report shows that there were 2.96 million apps available at Google Play Market and 2.2 million apps in Apple’s App Store. Both the leading app stores are flooding with the end; hence it’s quite difficult for individuals to grab attention for their app without an effective branding strategy. Tips to Brand Your Developed Mobile App Among Your Targeted Users.

Brand Your Developed Mobile Apps

Tips to Brand Your Developed Mobile App Among Your Targeted Users

Most app owners believe that excellent app ideas and functionality are quite enough to grab the attention of their targeted users on the app store. But they have to understand that they need to plan and implement an effective branding strategy, ensuring them to improve their app downloads and users in no time. In the report, it was measured that customers downloaded around 204 billion mobile apps during the recent years on their connected device, which is up from the 2016 140.7 billion app downloads. Hence it’s quite clear that the usage of mobile apps is increasing dramatically in recent years.

Brand Your Developed Mobiles App

Branding Your Mobile App: Know Which Tips to Consider to Excellent Leverage Outcome

The report shows that average Americans prefer to check their phone every 12 minutes, while more than 10% of smartphone users check their phones once every four minutes. Hence if the app owners want to grab the attention of their targeted audience and want to make them familiar with the app’s overall performance, they need to follow digital marketing as well as traditional ways to promote their app. By developing and implementing branding strategy, businesses can easily promote their app on various platforms and drive huge sales for their business.   

In the US alone, smartphone users downloaded and used an average of 21 apps on their smartphones. This number is surpassing each passing year; thus, business owners are developing and launching their app on the leading app store. But they need to understand that if they want to drive more downloads, they need to focus on SEO tactics and other branding tips, which helps them grab the spotlight on the leading stores.

Once after completing all the development and launching tasks, the next important thing on which you have to focus on is promoting the app with loud and full efforts. No matter how great the app you have, how it looks and performs until and unless users do not use it regularly to accomplish their daily work. End number of factors are available that you have to consider when it comes to promoting the app and getting listed on the top of users.

Logo and App Icon

App logo and icon are the primary elements that help you brand your app in a short time period. There are numerous types of logos that you can consider for your business app and marketing the same in lesser time. This logotype includes:

  • Symbol
  • Logotype (Wordmark)
  • Lettermark
  • Combination mark
  • Emblem

Make sure to keep the correlation between your app logo and icon. The app icon is interactive signs of your business that will represent your app on the leading store. Hence choose your app icon and logo effectively to grasp huge success in a short time.  

Avail Your App on Search Engine

Numerous ways can be considered for promoting your app on the leading app store. App store optimization, website sharing, and many more ways can be used by the app owner to promote their app. Recently Google announced that users do not search for the app on the app stores now; they try to find it on the search engine. And as per another study by Market Share, it was found that more than 75% of people these days perform their search from Google directly from their smart device.

Brand Your Developed Mobile Appps


One good way for branding your app is making the set of keywords that helps you to grab quick attention is lesser time. The app keywords can be divided into different categories and roles; this includes:

  • Descriptor keywords
  • Brand keywords
  • Brand-Plus keywords

Update Your App

It becomes vital for you to update your app on a regular basis; if you fail to do that, the user will feel that your app is outdated and will avoid using the same. People these days like to try something new and fresh, you can pre-launch your app with the developers’ help. You need to hire professional developers who can update your app and add new and exciting features and functionality within it so that customers feel that they must get engaged with your developed app.

Product Video

In the present era of Snapchat and Youtube, video content greatly affects customers’ minds. And you can consider using a video marketing strategy to market your mobile app. A short video explaining your product and its working can help you drive massive success and a huge customer base for your mobile app in no time. Video can help you explain the app step by step and show how it efficiently solves problems.

Ending Note | Tips to Brand Your Developed Mobile App Among Your Targeted Users

The app market is evolving continuously, and businesses who want to drive the spotlight for their app have to understand the importance of branding it effectively. If they ignore developing effective ones for promoting their app on the leading app store, they will surely lose the audience as they will prefer to download and use only that app, which ranks on the top position on the leading stores.

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