Top Cyber Security Trends to Considers

Top Cyber Security Trends to Consider

We’ve seen a number of cybersecurity issues emerging for both the general masses and the technology industry. While organizations do their utmost to stay one step ahead of all things cybersecurity, most of them still find it difficult to stay ahead of the game by implementing the right security measures.

Top Cyber Security Trends to Consider | Cybersecurity Trends to Know

From IT staff shortages to data breaches, to security integration and automation, in this article, we’ll be looking at trends that are likely to emerge for the next couple of years.

Top Cyber Security Trends to Considerss

From Data Theft to Data Manipulation

We should expect to see computer hackers switch their mode of attack from going after purely data and website hijacking to attacking data integrity.

With this kind of attack, when compared to your more standard data theft operations, we can expect more long term effects, such as damaged reputation to groups or individuals, as a result of compromised data.

Some companies, as a result, have switched to AI, in order to more efficiently check and sort their data.

Cloud Security Issues

As business infrastructure, processes and data are migrated over to the cloud, in order to protect this infrastructure and data, new approaches must be adopted. We can expect cloud-based threats to continue to grow, with many organizations having difficulty maintaining control of their most important data.

Risks to IoT Device

The latest technologies and products, security is one thing that is last considered, so there should be little surprise that the forever popular IoT space, has brought a lot of security issues along with it.

Increased Demand for Security Skills

Another cybersecurity trend that we can witness and appears to become more and more of a reality is an obvious shortage of cybersecurity skills in the office, which unfortunately makes organizations more vulnerable to these hackers.

We should witness a huge demand for experts in this field, as companies start to realize how important their presence is.

Also, as companies continue to insource all their security demands and needs, this would mean that internal skills and training will have to grow as training programs that are tailored to such needs will be more in demand.

Mobile Devices Becoming Bigger Target

We’re also witnessing an increased number of people using them for business purposes. It’s for this reason why hackers are now starting to target mobile devices. Cyberattacks on mobile applications are more common than ever before. Android pentesting is one of the most effective approaches to increase the security of an android app.

One of the reasons why hackers are targeting mobile devices is because they can very easily override their typical secure email gateways. Such gateways are traditionally programmed to block phishing scams, which acts as protection for cooperating mail on your devices. However, such security is not so effective for personal SMS, emails, and third-party apps. As a result, once a hacker gains access to your device, they can very easily steal whatever they want on it.

Cyber Risk Insurance Being More Common

Over the next coming months or years, we should witness this kind of insurance becoming part of an operational risk strategy for companies. Insurance companies should thus, look to tailor their products to the specific needs of their clients, instead of having more broad-based packages.

Conclusion | Top Cyber Security Trends to Consider

As we witness an evolution in the industry, we may see cyber insurance coverage for trust with customer-based, loss of reputation, improvement costs for system upgrades or security infrastructure and loss of future revenue from negative publicity or other such exposure.

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