Most people think that monetizing videos is the only way to earn money from YouTube; they are wrong. There are many ways to earn money from YouTube besides monetizing. It is highly profitable when you employ and combine different ways to earn money from the platform. In this article, you’ll learn about the different ways you can start earning from your YouTube channel.

Monetize The Videos: It is the same old method used by many YouTubers. For monetizing your YouTube channel, all you need is 4000 hours of watch time in 12 months and 1000 subscribers. You must be 18 years old to monetize your channel. After your channel has qualified through all the requirements, you’ve to create an account on Google AdSense, which is free of cost. Google will put ads in your videos, and you’ll get paid every time someone watches them.

Follow The Trend: To gather attention from new people, you have to follow the trends. Following the trends and creating content based on it will give your channel more popularity, meaning your videos will get more views. You’ll earn more money as your videos get more views.

Social Media Presence: In addition to uploading content on YouTube, create an account on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Start posting on these platforms to create your social media presence. Add your channel’s link to your social media account’s bio to drive traffic to your YouTube channel. If your existing fanbase on YouTube likes your content, the traffic coming from social media platforms will like it too. It is important to create social media presence to gain more attention from new people and to become popular.

Create A Business Website: If your YouTube channel is about your singing or dancing skills, fitness, cooking, tech, education, etc., you should create a website for business purposes. Upload premium courses based on your category of content for your exclusive subscribers. Create courses that are beneficial for your fans. Gather their attention and tell them about your premium courses; many subscribers will love buying the courses. If your subscribers love the courses, other people will likely buy your courses too. You can also leave your phone number or email for business enquires if someone wants a one-on-one course or video on demand. You can charge them a little more than your premium courses. You might also get hired by different businesses or brands to promote their products.

Digital Marketing Agency: You should hire a digital marketing agency because they will make your job of creating a social media presence and getting new subscribers easier. With the help of a display advertising agency, you can reach your target audience easily. You can create personalized ads about your YouTube channel or the premium courses present on your website. They will help your channel and business grow quickly and easily.

Do Giveaways: You can do giveaways on a few occasions because it can help you gather the attention of a new audience. A giveaway is a very attractive scheme used by different YouTubers, brands, companies, and businesses to gather the attention of people easily. Giveaways are very helpful in creating a bigger and stronger fanbase.