What are the Uses of VPN for Hulu?

We have run over 10,000 Hulu streaming tests since 2016 and many VPN services fail to unblock the popular video content platform.After testing  56 VPNs services with Hulu we have identified three that consistently unblock Hulu from any country. Sadly both free VPNs limit data usage to 10 GB each month .You simply won’t be able to stream Hulu .Most safe free VPN do not work with Hulu ,plus many free VPNs suffer IP leaks log your internet activity and in the worst instances inject malwares and trackers. Also free proxy services won’t unblock Hulu either .They are simply not advanced enough to circumstances Hulu geo-blocks.Hulu VPN detection methods are as sophisticated as those used by Netflix .

Restrictions of VPN of Hulu 

Even some of the most popular VPNs struggle to beat its geo restrictions. Of the 56 VPN services we tested with Hulu only bypassed the streaming platforms geo-blocks.Hulu does not allow the use of anonymous proxy servers and VPN services .Many VPN are not designed to work with streaming services or simply are not good enough to bypass Hulu VPN blocks. If your Hulu VPN is not working and you are encountering error codes like P-EDU101 then Hulu has detected and blocked your VPN connection.There are a number of ways to get around this.The best way to beat Hulu VPN blocks is to use a VPN for Hulu that unblocks the content platform 100% of the time .Out of 56 VPNs we tested we found three premium VPN of Hulu that work very well Expressvpn currently the best If you already have a VPN but it is not working with Hulu the quickest thing to do is try changing us VPN server.

IP Addresses of VPN of Hulu 

Hulu may not have blacklisted all your VPNs us IP addresses.To change US server close your browser window connect to a different us VPN server location in your VPN app and then reopen Hulu in a new browser window.Thus fix that only works if your VPN operates hundreds ,if not thousands of servers in the United States.VPN like ExpressVPN and NordVPN have thousands of US servers that are updated frequently successfully evading Hulu detection If your VPN still does not work after testing more than five American city servers, it is highly unlikely to work at all.To Access Hulu Japan you need to sign up with a Japanese payment method or purchase a gift card You can just connected to a Japan VPN servers and watch Japaneses Hulu.If your VPN does not work with Hulu after testing several US severs contact your VPNs customer support.Ask them if they have a server optimized for Hulu.They may recommended an optimized server or they may inform you the VPN service is not equipped to bypass Hulu VPN blocks.


Ideally your VPNs service has 24/7 live chat support available for faster response .Alternatively send then an email.For instance we contacted Express VPNS live support team and they told us their New York and Los Angeles servers unblock Hulu that are necessary to use.