What Do Health IT

What Do Health IT Companies Do?

Healthcare professionals often grapple with managing intricate medical software amid daily administrative tasks and patient care. However, the assistance of health IT companies can prove invaluable. These IT companies specialize in optimizing organizational operations, enhancing patient care, and boosting engagement and satisfaction among providers and staff.

Health IT companies offer guidance to healthcare entities, aiding in the enhancement of business operations, productivity, and the navigation of intricate implementation, integration, or upgrade processes. Their expertise spans various technical and functional domains, encompassing technology implementation, cloud-based upgrades, regulatory compliance, and workforce management.

Healthcare IT Company can assist your organization in multiple ways:

  • Deploying or upgrading digital health software like Epic, HL7, UKG, etc.
  • Integrating healthcare software with diverse applications and systems, such as CRM or medical imaging.
  • Ensuring compliance with stringent regulations like HIPAA.
  • Configuring mobile apps for patients, providers, and staff.
  • Implementing, managing, and monitoring electronic health and medical records (EHR/EMR) across the organization.

Health IT companies serve as indispensable partners, offering specialized knowledge and support to optimize healthcare operations and improve overall efficiency and patient care.

How Can Experts from Healthcare IT Company Help?

Healthcare IT company play a pivotal role in enhancing day-to-day operations, employee engagement, and the delivery of top-tier patient care. Leading technology company, such as KPi-Tech Services, offer diverse avenues of support for organizations with their 25+ years experienced Healthcare IT Experts:

Healthcare Software Development and Enhancement

 These experts  aid in crafting and upgrading healthcare software architecture, optimizing solutions, integrating enhanced features, bolstering security, and ensuring compliance with industry standards.

Cloud Migration Solutions

 Health IT experts offer expertise in selecting HIPAA-compliant software, devising data migration strategies, and streamlining migration processes within the cloud to boost functionality and reduce expenses.

Software Integration Services

 Whether dealing with various ERP, CRM, or clinical software, health IT experts provide comprehensive support. They cover a spectrum of integrations, including EHR, medical imaging, patient portals, telehealth apps, and more. 

  • FHIR Implementation and Consulting: Healthcare IT experts specialize in HL7-FHIR consulting which is the latest and mandatory standard in US healthcare. They design, develop, and integrate FHIR-based systems, ensuring seamless interoperability between disparate healthcare applications. This involves utilizing FHIR resources for patient data exchange, including demographics, diagnoses, medications, and lab results.
  • HL7 Integration Services: These experts provide comprehensive HL7 integration services, enabling healthcare systems to communicate and share critical patient information. They configure HL7 interfaces, manage data transformations, and facilitate the exchange of standardized messages among various healthcare systems, such as EHRs, laboratory information systems, and billing platforms.
  • Interface Engine Deployment and Management: Healthcare IT experts assist in deploying and managing interface engines. These engines act as middleware, facilitating data exchange between different applications. Firms configure and optimize interface engines to ensure accurate data transmission, mapping data formats, performing message routing, and supporting diverse communication protocols.

Compliance Strategy and Evaluation

¬†Compliance with HIPAA regulations is paramount in healthcare. Healthcare IT experts conduct security framework evaluations, monitor compliance measures, and offer corrective actions to fortify your organization’s security and adherence to regulations. Moreover, healthcare IT firms assist organizations in meeting ONC Healthcare IT certification criteria, ensuring interoperability, security, and usability of health IT systems. They support the implementation of interoperability standards like FHIR and HL7, conduct rigorous testing for compliance validation, and offer continuous maintenance to adhere to evolving regulations.

Healthcare consulting services offer several key advantages:

Workflow Optimization: Healthcare IT experts swiftly comprehend current workflows, strategizing to optimize productivity. They automate manual processes, establish uniform training programs, refine communication channels, and devise strategies for efficient daily operations, tailoring solutions to your organization’s needs.

Enhanced Collaboration: Effective communication is vital for optimal software performance. Consultants emphasize seamless communication and comprehensive training, enhancing your organization’s efficiency by identifying areas for technical enhancement and workflow streamlining.

Patient-Centric Focus: By shouldering the responsibility of resolving technological issues and improving automated workflows, healthcare consultants alleviate the burden on healthcare providers. This support allows staff to concentrate on their roles, promoting a balance between clinical, technical, and administrative functions.

Elevated Productivity: Experts conduct audits, pinpoint areas for enhancement, and introduce innovative solutions. They streamline communication channels, maximize healthcare software effectiveness, and resolve operational inefficiencies, leveraging their expertise, experience, and resources to drive organizational improvement.


In the fast-evolving landscape of healthcare, IT firms emerge as catalysts for transformative change. Their multifaceted expertise reshapes how healthcare systems operate, ensuring not only streamlined processes but also fortified compliance measures.

Our Healthcare IT experts at KPi-Tech Services stand ready to assist your industry, whether it requires healthcare IT consulting support for creating enhanced healthcare solutions, implementing new software systems, or any other specific needs within healthcare management processes.