What Does Service Level Agreement Mean in Web Hosting Services?


Every website or online business owner strives to attain the best web hosting services. However, many times they do not get what they are promised. This is where the Service Level Agreement (SLA) finds its apt place. Making sure that you obtain SLA with the desired hosting services enables you to not fall into any trap or money loss. We have provided insight into the meaning, significance, and benefits of acquiring SLAs from web hosting companies in this guide. Continue reading and gather all the essential highlights.

What Is SLA (Service Level Agreement) in Web Hosting?

Service Level Agreement, also referred to as SLA serves as a sort of contract. It takes place between two different parties. When it comes to purchasing web hosting services, SLA usually takes place between a customer and the company. 

Further, a Service Level Agreement is a contract that illustrates the level and type of service that a customer can expect from a web hosting provider. SLA generally incorporates numerous metrics based on which the service is analyzed and liabilities in case the service does not operate as guaranteed. 

With the SLA, customers can Purchase Reliable Web Hosting Services with full confidence. It helps them either obtain the assured services for which they signed up or gain some kind of compensation in case the services are not up to the mark. 

For instance, a hosting company can assure network availability of 99.90% yearly, level of site loading speed, and typical response times through a Service Level Agreement. Moreover, the SLAs can also include a customer support guarantee, explicit support levels, and certain priorities for premium customers. You may notice that many times a Service Level Agreement comes under a portion of the terms of service of the web hosting provider. Thus, it becomes essential for you to read the terms of service thoroughly before subscribing to any one of the different types of web hosting services. 

Why Do You Need to Care About Web Hosting SLA?

Below mentioned are some crucial reasons why you must care about the SLA you receive with web hosting services – 

  • Clauses in an SLA provide proof of every condition that the company & customer agreed upon before finalizing the sign-in process.
  • Any of the customer or web host breaking the laid out conditions give the other party the right to take action for compensation.
  • A customer can know exactly what will be provided and available with the web hosting services. 
  • A customer obtains a precise picture of the value of the invested money. 

What Are Network SLA Exclusions? 

To put it in simple words, the network SLA exclusions refer to the one-time events where the agreement does not apply. The network SLA exclusions are associated with network availability with the web hosting services. 

This enables any host not to assure network availability for a single instance and still not receive any complaints from the customers. For instance, this is applicable during scheduled maintenance for software as well as hardware upgrades. 

On the other side, the network SLA exclusions are also applicable in the cases of force majeure or circumstances that can not reasonably be controlled by the web hosting company. For example, pandemics such as COVID-19, labor strikes, acts of war, riots, insurrection, etc.

Why You Should Have a Good SLA When Choosing a Cheap Web Hosting Service?

An SLA has the power to tell about the various aspects of the host. It lets you know about the company’s attitude towards its clients & customers. Reading the Service Level Agreement of a company can help you know whether the company is product-centric, client-centric, or lies somewhere in between. At the same time, it depicts the seriousness with which a web host functions because an SLA is considered a provision of professionalism. 

Apart from providing a commitment to the customers, a good web hosting SLA displays what exactly one can expect from the hosting provider. This further helps in preventing any potential misunderstanding. 

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It does not matter how low-cost plans you can acquire, you must make sure to receive the Service Level Agreement. This helps you obtain the expected support and not suffer money loss in case the services are not up to the mark. Moreover, SLA also enables you to easily invest your trust in the web hosting provider you seek.

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